What’s Cooking?

May 27, 2015 , Passmethedimsum
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After much ado, I’m taking a deep breath and diving in: I’m starting a blog.

I absolutely love food and everything to do with it. Food to me, is the best form of art and best depiction of culture. It speaks volumes and volumes on the history and personality of a people. And then, you get to gobble it all down.

When I’m not busy stuffing my face till my stomach screams “STOP, PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO STOP!”, (and that’s not an easy feat for someone rumored to have a bottomless pit for a stomach),  I’m either busy in the kitchen trying to recreate flavor combos that my palate misses, or I’m out and about exploring serveware / cookware to make my food look fancier than it really is (shhhh!)

Through this blog, I’ll be talking about restaurants I frequent,  cuisines i cant get enough of, serveware that makes me weak in the knees, recipes I concoct and other fascinating finds that I really just want to scream about from the top of the roof.

Big shout out to my mom and my husband for pushing me to do this (I think they just want me to stop eating THEIR ears out), and to all my friends for their encouragement, especially to the very kind Wafa Matin- your Food Blog Starter Kit was the final push I needed 🙂 Thank you for being a dear friend.

Bismillah and let the ramblings begin!


  1. omg, i am so touched!!! im so glad that you have started this and wish you heaps and bounds of success – may your stomach never be empty – and may Allah bless you with constant success and health! Inshallah, mashAllah and SubhanAllah.

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