Ill Caffe Di Roma

June 23, 2015 , Passmethedimsum


M and I decided to have dinner at Il Caffe Di Roma tonight. I love City Walk, and I could sense a cold coming along, so I wanted to eat somewhere in that area where I could also have a a nice warm drink afterwards. I picked this place on account of the fact that it is famed for one of the best selections of coffee in town.

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I ordered the mushroom ravioli in tomato sauce. M ordered the fried chicken breast with turkey ham and a side of rocket salad. Both of us- to say the least- were not impressed. The food was edible at best. Make no mistakes, it’s not like we were stuffed from Iftar or anything of the sort. Quite the contrary, actually. We were both quite hungry and gobbled our food down, but it was very, very average. Best Italian food in town? Girl, you need to move to a different town then. I have had WAY better Italian food in many places. Biella for their pasta, Oregano (Motor City) for their pizzas, and Carluccios for both, are to name a few. Ill Caffe Di Roma: NOT the best Italian food in town, not even close.


The coffee, however. Oh that’s a whole different story. We only tried two coffees on their menu and my oh my. It was some REALLY good coffee. I ordered the Noccialato and M ordered the Affogato al Caffe. It was at this point that I looked around and realized that no one other than us had ordered an entree. Everyone was having a drink and enjoying it very much.  My drink was basically espresso, Nutella and whipped cream. M’s was espresso and vanilla ice cream. And man oh man. Were they delicious! The only turn off was that M’s drink was served in a……wait for it…..PLASTIC martini glass!! Plastic?!?! Seriously??? And worn out plastic too, nonetheless. Come on guys. PLASTIC? :/ My cup, on the other hand, was very cute.


Service was excellent. Ambiance is better if the weather is good enough to be seated outdoors. We paid with Zomato cashless- it was our first time- and although M finds it to be rather pointless, I quite like the idea and find it to be quite fun! Way more efficient than having to wait for the bill.

Will I go back to this place again? Only for the coffee.

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