Chai Latte with Cardamom Milk Foam!

July 19, 2015 , Passmethedimsum


Some may not deem this blog-worthy- but hey, I stumbled upon this serendipitous discovery by complete fluke and am hence super pleased with myself.

So I was in the process of making Kulfa icecream, and the first step was to whisk evaporated milk. Instead of getting regular evaporated milk, I decided to try Rainbow Milk’s cardamom flavored variant. Best. Idea. Ever.


While I was still whisking, M asked me for some tea. I made him the tea, and just as I was about to reach for the milk, I decided to spoon onto his tea some of this whisked evaporated milk instead.

The result? Cafe style awesomeness for a regular evening tea, which was no longer regular, but in fact much richer and creamier. Great way to impress your guests with something as simple as a Chai Latte!


  1. I never buy evaporated milk except if I really need it to try new recipes… but now after reading this, I am so tempted to pick up a can just for making this frothy cup of chai, especially being a chai fanatic… 🙂 Thank you for sharing this lovely idea…

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