German Doner Kebab JBR- Köstlich!

August 23, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

Have you ever had one of those Saturdays when you just want to have a quick, simple, no-frills meal that truly hits the spot? Yesterday was one of those days for me, and I was lucky enough to have been invited for a tasting to the perfect place for said mood and meal.

Having opened just a week ago, German Doner Kebab is a welcome addition to the already restaurant haven that is JBR.

We walked in around 4pm to find that although just a week young, this newest branch was already bustling with customers. It should come as no surprise, since this Fast Food favorite boasts a whopping 21 outlets in Dubai. They do so well, in fact, that on weekends some branches go through 80 kilos of veal and chicken, EACH!

We tried the following items:

  • Doner Kebab Sandwich: Jam-packed with juicy, succulent paper-thin cuts of chicken and veal, and a fresh Iceberg lettuce and purple cabbage slaw, this sandwich is a Carb-watcher’s dream come true. The “bread”, is like no other I’ve ever seen before, and looked and tasted very much like a super thin, soft, waffle. (Pictured below)

Doner Kebab Sandwich

  • Doner Kebab Burger: This was, exactly what it sounds like. Pretty much the exact same fillings of a Doner Kebab Sandwich, placed between the top and bottom of a toasted bun with an exterior similar to that of a Doner Sandwich. The major difference is that the burger has more bread and that makes the Carb-lover in me very happy! (Pictured below)

Doner Kebab Burger

  • Durum Doner: This reminded me a lot of a Shawerma, except meatier and cheesier. Yum. (Pictured below)

Durum Doner

  • Kartoffelsalat: Now this was a very interesting take on a potato salad. The dressing was made of mayonnaise, dill pickle relish, finely chopped onions and garlic. I’m not big on mayonnaise but M enjoyed this very much. (Pictured Below)


  • Cheese Borek: The best way I can describe this, is like a crispy crepe, rolled up to the width of a cigar, and delicately filled with cheese in a level of subtlety that allows you to enjoy both the cheese and the crispy exterior. Neither overpowers the other. The 3 dipping sauces it comes with makes this one of my new favorite appetizers, throwing Mozzarella sticks out of the game.  (Pictured below)

Chees Borek

  • Onion Rings: and of course, how could we leave without trying some onion rings. Fresh, crispy, and delicious, these onion rings did not disappoint. (Pictured below)

Onion Rings

Although they didn’t have any fresh juices, they did have a huge variety of sodas and refreshing options from The Berry Company.

The open kitchen and high level of cleanliness was also very comforting. Below is a picture of the prep room.

Prep Area

Honestly, I had no idea that a German Doner Kebab sandwich could so satisfying! I’ve been passing by their al-Barsha branch on every trip to Mall of The Emirates, always making a mental note to try this place, but until yesterday it just never happened. Boy oh boy, I sure am glad I did! Walked over to Godiva later and ended my evening with an indulgent dark chocolate soft-serve.

Saturday well-spent 🙂

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