Diary of A Botanical Detox | Detox Delight

September 15, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

Anyone who has been following my blog or Instagram would know that I’m a bit bipolar when it comes to my dining preferences. Either I eat like there’s no such thing as diabetes, or I go down a totally clean, healthy route. I think I do the latter in an attempt to try to balance out (and perhaps even allow?) the former.

Either way, as much as I love a fudgey slice of cake, a nutty scoop of ice-cream or even a cheesy slice of pizza; I love a well-cooked bowl of brown rice and quinoa, a refreshing salad, and a wholesome smoothie just as much.

Thanks to the versatility of my tastebuds, as well as my appreciation for and knowledge of health foods, I happily signed up to blog about / sample some of Detox Delight’s products for a day.

The Loot

On the 13th of September, at 4 PM sharp (my agreed upon delivery time), I received an icebox with 5 courses of detox friendly foods/juices for my one-day Botanical Detox. It came with an envelope full of all the information I could possibly need, ranging from a personalized message; details of the menu; detox symptoms; snack tips; these cute bracelets; and 3 hand-rolled “energy balls”- which were so delicious they would later become my dessert. The next day, I began my detox.

10:00 A.M: I start off with the breakfast smoothie. It has Parsley, Cucumber, Avocado and Pineapple. Hmm. Very refreshing; feels like an instant jolt of energy.


Note: I make a lot of smoothies for myself, but I usually shy away from Parsley and Cucumber because they make me feel like I’m drinking a salad. This smoothie, however, had everything in just the right quantities, to make it quite delicious.

10:15 A.M: I’m halfway through my smoothie and am quite full already. Will finish it later.

11:45 A.M: :I think I’ll go have the rest of that smoothie now.

1:00 P.M: Almost done with the smoothie. “Chewing” your juices (as suggested by Detox Delight, really makes the drink feel like a meal). Man, I could really do with some fried chicken and waffles right about now.

2:00 P.M: I feel like throwing up. I have been eating far too unhealthy for far too long and my body is clearly missing deep-fried, sugar-soaked, and salt-encrusted carbs. I think I’m gonna move onto the Lunch course soon.

Horatiki Salad

2:20 P.M: I am FAMISHED. The Horatiki salad looks fresh and smells great, even without the dressing. That dressing though; it’s making me devour my salad. Oh YUM. I think it has lemon and Tahini? Who cares. It’s so GOOD! Also, I think I’m very hungry.

3:00 P.M Still Eating that salad. A) It’s pretty big! B) I’m simultaneously working on an urgent deadline. Having a day job you need and a blog that you love are a challenging combo.

4:00 P.M : My throat is feeling itchy and scratchy. I think there’s a cold going around. Time for a big mug of ginger tea.

4:44 PM: Interesting realization; I am not hungry, nor do I feel fatigued, or lacking energy. A little sleepy, yes; but then again I’m always sleepy.

4:45 PM: Random craving for brown lentils……

5:15 PM: Whoa Whoa Whoa! I almost forgot how much food I have left! Time for that Pink Juice now….

Pink Juice

5:49 PM: I had half a bottle of the Pink juice and feel full. Man, I’m loving this detox. I was sure I’d feel fatigued and famished but I’m not even craving cake! Note: These juices are cold-pressed; 100% natural; raw; have no preservatives; have no sweeteners or sugar added; no artificial colors; are gluten-free and vegan. And you know what? They taste like it too. (That’s a good thing)

6:50 PM: the hunger pangs have stricken. Time to dig into that jar of quinoa now.


7:12 PM: Ate half the quinoa salad. Keeping the rest for later. Trying to rush through work so I can head to my friend Waffle’s place- not the waffle I was  craving earlier; this one’s my dear friend.

7:30 PM: I have another cup of ginger tea. All this cold food isn’t helping my throat.

7:35 PM: Oh heeeey! I just remembered those energy balls that were also included in the pack! Those shall be my dessert.

10:00 PM: I think I’ll have that Green juice now. Not bad. It has apple, spinach, watermelon and lemon; and tastes nothing like the disgusting Wheatgrass-Spirulina-And-Million-Other-Things powder I purchased a couple months ago from Holland & Barrett with the intention of having a concentrated detox shot every morning. I cleverly passed that over to my sister, after trying it only once and being unable to swallow. Maybe it was because I hadn’t added enough water and my detox “shot” was more sludge and less liquid; or maybe it was the fact that it tasted an awful lot like what I imagine Henna to taste like.

Green Juice

Well, that actually wasn’t so bad. I think what I enjoyed the least was the quinoa salad because I was aching for onions and garlic and chillies for dinner; but I think those would render the whole detox moot, haha.

In case any of you are interested, you can find more information on Detox Delight here: https://www.detox-delight.ae/en/dubai/dubai