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September 16, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

Last Friday M and I accepted an invite to review Provedore, in Sunset Mall Jumeirah. A quick Zomato rating check later, I was already salivating over the vibrant dessert selection they promised. In fact, that’s what I was most looking forward to, and was expecting the food itself to take the backseat. Surprisingly, I was wrong. The food at Provedore is absolutely stellar!


Offering Artisan cuisine, Provedore delivers on their promise for sure. Every item placed before us exuberated the attention to detail that clearly went into the thought process and execution of each dish.

As soon as we were seated, an appetizing bread basket was placed before us. I was delighted to see that instead of the usual olive tapenade that comes with most bread baskets, we got some Zaatar powder! Would have preferred some smooth Feta cheese instead of the butter though, and I do think the Zaatar should have been in a spreadable form, mixed with some olive oil, perhaps. Also, I wish the bread had been warm, but come to think of it, I don’t remember getting warm bread anywhere other than a pizzeria, ever.


To beat the insane heat, we asked for a Passionfruit Mojito and a Pomegranate Mojito. Both of them hit the spot and had zero room for improvement.


We started off with a couple of soups. M tried the Lobster bisque, and I had the Cream Of Mushroom. I usually like to pass on soups and save room for the good stuff. These soups, however, they WERE the good stuff. Both of them were phenomenal, and the Cream of Mushroom was easily the best I’ve ever had. I could really taste those fresh Portobellos in there.

Cream of Mushroom

Next up we had a couple of salads. M devoured his Salmon Crab Salad and can’t wait to go back for more. This was like a smoked salmon, Crabstick and cucumber tartare. held together with a spicy mayo. I wish they had used fresh crab instead of Crabsticks, but overall it was a good effort.


I quite liked the idea of my Canadian Lobster Salad. Poached chunks of lobster tail on a bed of mixed greens, cubed mangoes, walnuts, tomatoes and pomegranate seeds. Very well conceived, however, it was lacking something very crucial to tie all the flavors together: a vinaigrette. Maybe they just forgot or maybe they didn’t put enough for me to detect?

Canadian Lobster Salad

We then moved on to sample the entrees. Honestly, each of them was sheer perfection.

The Wagyu Tenderloin Steak was juicy and succulent- and even though it was well-done while we prefer a medium well- it was melting in our mouths. The mushroom gravy it came with was a great accompaniment and I am so glad they gave roasted veggies on the side instead of steamed. I loathe steamed vegetables.

Wagyu Tenderloin Steak

The slow smoked and then Roasted Half Baby Chicken was packed with OOMPH in every bite! I’m usually wary of roasted chicken as I often find it to be too bland for my liking, or worse; too dry even. Also, I am not a fan of chicken skin. This chicken, however, has made me reconsider my stance on roast chicken. What I did not like on this plate was that the beautifully presented mashed potatoes didn’t taste too great. I detected a funny taste. first I thought it was powdered milk, and then I figured it’s clarified butter in them and I abhor clarified butter. But who cares about a side  of potatoes when the chicken itself is THAT good!

Smoked & Roasted Baby Chicken

Lastly, the Grilled Tiger Prawns with Saffron Risotto  and tomato salsa was absolute brilliance. First of all, those prawns were each the size of my hand. Secondly, they were grilled to perfection and came off their shells very easily. They were cleaned beautifully- even their heads were (some people like to suck the prawn brains out as they pack so much flavor- not me though!). To achieve the perfect umami, one must take a bit of risotto, a little prawn, and some salsa, all in one bite.

Grilled Tiger Prawns with Saffron Risotto

Finally my much awaited course arrived: Dessert.

We got a Pistachio Creme Brulee, which was a nice, sophisticated take on a traditional Creme Brulee.

Pistachip Creme Brulee

We also got a White Chocolate Fondant. This to me, tasted indulgent and homey at the same time. What didn’t impress me was the presentation of the latter. A scoop of ice-cream atop a half a decorative orange, was quite 90s; and I’m not a fan of placing elements on the plate which add no value to the dish.

White Chocolate Fondant

On my way out I purchased a Black Forest and a Chocolate Eclair to take home and enjoy with my bedtime tea (I know, I don’t have the best eating habits). The first thing i noticed and must comment on was how reasonably their cakes/pastries were priced!  Now I’m a big dessert person. Here’s my analysis of the Black Forest: It was good. Was it the best? No. The cake was moist, the layer of mousse inside was chocolatey and the bittersweet cherries were just heavenly. What keeps this from being one of the best Black Forest cakes I’ve ever had though, were the chocolate shavings on top. They tasted chalky and cheap and sadly took away from the decadence of the cake. The Chocolate Eclair though was perfection. Dark chocolate glaze, soft but firm eclair, and a generous filling of rich dark chocolate mousse.


Provedore also boasts a plethora of retail and gift items, and a breathtaking selection of Damman Paris Teas.


Overall, the ambiance, variety of food, quality of food and service were all great and we are really looking forward to going back.
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