Omnia Baharat

September 30, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

The new extension of Mall of The Emirates brings with it a handful of restaurant additions to its directory. I was invited (by my blogger buddy Table For Five Dubai), to try out one of these new restaurants; Omnia Baharat. This was one tasting I was really looking forward to and boy oh boy, I was not disappointed.

Among the four of us, we tried:

  • Omnia Burrata: This was in instant winner. The chef promised this is the best Burrata and has been flown in from Poland. She was not exaggerating. It was smooth, silky, and so, SO good. It was PERFECTLY complemented by the bed of herbs and greens it was on, which were all harmoniously tied together with an absolutely stunning pomegranate molasses dressing. I assure you, all of us have since been dreaming about that Burrata.


  • Coconut & Zaatar Marinated Chicken Lollipops: Subtly flavored, these didn’t scream Zaatar nor Coconut; and had I not read the description on the menu, I would have guessed they’re more lemongrass-ey than anything else.

Coconut Zaatar Chicken lollipops

  • Crispy Prawn Popcorn: Another winner. Fried to perfection in a light tempura batter, these crispy little nuggets of gold were sheer perfection! And just when I thought that there’s no way to make these any better than they already are, I dipped them in the Harrisa sauce they came with and WOW. Without being spicy, the sauce was so flavorful and was devoured instantly.


  • Shawerma Grilled Prawn Lollipops: Served with a green harrisa aoili, these were also delicious but dwarfed in comparison to the prawn popcorn, as I always prefer fried over  grilled. (It’s no wonder I now need to crash diet)


For entrees, we tried, Chicken Burger, Omnia Wagyu, and of course, the Omnia Lobster Thermidore Hotdog.


The chicken burger was nicely seasoned and did not disappoint. The Omnia Wagyu was absolute perfection: it was a simple, honest, delicious burger in which the focus was on enjoying the quality of the beef and not distracting with many frills. The Lobster Thermidore Hotdog, although delicious, and extremely rich; was quite small. It came with crispy fries, which I didn’t have as I’m trying to cut back on calories wherever I can; and honestly I wasn’t very tempted to either. I did however, really love the presentation.


Omnia Wagyu

Finally we proceeded to dessert, which always makes me lightheaded with excitement. As I mentioned earlier (I keep mentioning it so that I myself don’t forget), I’m trying to lose weight, so I opted for the Bounty Style Sheikha. This kind of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, and raw dessert has been attempted by many; and I have tried numerous versions of it. This, however, was the first time that such a dessert actually tasted like an indulgent, satisfying dessert; rather than breakfast. It was ridiculous how deceptively rich and and creamy it was and it really did taste like a Bounty bar! I was extremely pleased with my choice of dessert that night and thank the Chef for coming up with such a well-thought out, guilt-free dessert that does NOT leave one craving for something else.


We also tried the Tiramisu, Red Velvet, Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse Cake. While all of them were good, The Red Velvet was not the best I’ve ever had, neither was the cheesecake. The Tiramisu, however, was perfection. The Chocolate Mousse Cake was also on point: extremely rich and heavy; this slice can’t be eaten by one person alone.


Overall, Omnia Baharat is an extremely welcome new addition to Mall of the Emirates’ new extension and will definitely be a regular dining spot for me and my husband.  Thank you, Table For Five Dubai, for inviting me, and Chef Silvena, for having us.

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