Great Eggspectations?

October 24, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

A Canadian import taking over the Big-and-Hearty breakfast scene at The Beach in JBR, Eggspection hardly needs an introduction. The clever name had put this joint on my must-visit list, so when I received an invite to review them, I naturally jumped on board. The mistake I made though, was that I scheduled my tasting for a weekend, and when I got there (at 1pm!), I realized for the first time just how popular this place is.



If there’s one thing that can ruin a good meal for me, is the crowd of a Food Court. No, not because I’m a snob, but because I really can’t stand that high a level of noise and screaming kids. My tasting at Eggspection turned out to be just that. Good to great food, but an excruciatingly noisy and crowded environment. It was so loud that we rushed through our meal as I couldn’t even hear myself think, and making conversation with M was out of the question.

What we ate:


Brie Walnut Crostini: WOW. WOW. WOW. Was not expecting such a sophisticated and flawless appetizer from such a casual breakfast joint. The Brie they used was absolutely phenomenal, the Crostini lightly toasted with some garlic, the apples crunchy and the walnuts fresh. Sounds simple enough right? It’s a wonder then, why such few people nail it as well as these guys did. This was hands down my favorite part of the meal, and set the bar high for all the dishes to follow.


Warm Goat Cheese Salad: I loathe Goat Cheese but M loves it. So the feedback on this is all his and he absolutely loved it. Wiped his plate clean.


Eggs Florentine: I ordered these to see how they measure up against the Eggs Florentines I order just about everywhere I go. They were good, but considering all the other (much better) options here, I don’t think I’d order these again. Sorry guys but Carluccio’s still serves up the best Eggs Florentine for me. I did like the slice of grapefruit and melon on the plate, but the pile herbed potatoes was far too big.


Southwestern Omlette: I think it’s very important that you can identify a dish just by tasting it. This plate of eggs tasted very Southwestern from the first bite. This was a really good plate of eggs, definitely what I’d order if I go back to Eggspection for eggs. Same observation on the potatoes though- they were far too much, and sadly, a little cold.

DSC_0291Tuna Steak: The Yellowfin steak had the perfect sear and cooked to a nice Medium (just the way I like it). It was nicely seasoned and the herb salsa on top was a great accompaniment. Much to my pleasure, the bed of cooked Qunioa it rested on also tasted distinctly Mediterranean – in more of a Tomato rather than an Olive way, which again, is how I like it. Prior to my visit, I had no idea Eggspection had such great non-egg options as well, so this selection made me very happy. Oddly enough, in fact, I was impressed by the Main Course and Starters more than the Egg dishes.

I was devastated (on the inside) to discover that their waffle iron had broken down that day. I was assured this is not normal, and I’m sure it isn’t, really. I tried to comfort myself with a Nutella French Toast instead, and it worked. Sometimes, old-fashioned is the best way to go.


I can’t comment on their service, as service is almost always good for bloggers, and this tasting was no exception. Will I be going back? Most definitely, but I certainly won’t be going at their peak hours again.
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