The Coffee Club

November 15, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

Did you know that The Coffee Club has been around since 1989 and comes from Down Under? I certainly didn’t, until recently. Over the last 8 years, The Coffee Club has grown to expand all over the world, and it’s no surprise considering how phenomenal the coffee drinks are over there, and some of the food is quite impressive too!


The Coffee Club was born when the owners (back in the day), couldn’t find good coffee houses that were open late at night. The question “Where will I meet you?” was common in their conversations, and is now the Club’s tagline.


I went here for a tasting a few weeks ago, and I instantly knew that what sets these guys apart is their real gourmet coffee drinks accompanied by some extremely satisfying food. They serve up such great coffee and take it so seriously, that even Baristas with previous Barista experience are given thorough training until they are internally certified.


It doesn’t just start and end with the coffee though. Their other drinks are great too, and the food is anything but negligible. The fact that their frappes are served in beakers actually speaks to how seriously they take their blends and proportions of ingredients to make the perfect drink.

We tried a Raspberry Lime Mint Slush which was sheer perfection. They had blended frozen raspberries and it made ALL the difference, because I can’t stand synthetic tasting drinks. Because the drink was served in a beaker and you add the sparkling water to the slushy raspberries yourself, it became not just just delicious but also eventful.



M had a Brownie frappe, and I had a Peanut Butter one. His was a little too sweet for my liking but I can imagine it being a very popular choice. I absolutely LOVED my frappe though; it was rich, creamy, indulgent and really, really yum.

DSC_0867 DSC_0865

We started off with a Soup of the Day which happened to be carrot that day, and was very impressive. It was extremely hearty, had depth of flavor, and was delicious. You can expect other soups of the day to be Tomato, Asparagus, Mushroom, etc.


The Chicken Schnitzel was a bit forgettable. The chicken was fried to a nice crisp but didn’t have any outstanding flavor. The slaw on top had far too much mayo for my liking.


The Ruben Sandwich was undoubtedly the stellar dish of the night! This, ladies and gentlemen, was pure perfection. Oh. My. God. The sandwich was packed with pastrami, dill pickle, slaw and dijon mustard. I truly savored every bite of this, and when I need a Ruben in my life, The Coffee Club will come to mind before all others.


M had a Tenderloin Steak which was juicy and tender and done surprisingly well for a cafe.


M tried their Sort latte which was very strong and according to M (he’s more of a coffee connoisseur than I am), very good.


We also had the privilege of trying the soon-to-be-introduced Honeycomb Latte, and the White Chocolate Macadamia Latte. Both of these were extremely rich and heavy. While I couldn’t really taste the distinct flavor of honey in the former, I could clearly taste the macadamia in the latter.


We decided not to have dessert as we were quite stuffed, and also quite satisfied, but we will definitely go back for the Peanut Butter Frappe and that Ruben sandwich. Their prime location in Jumeirah and the upcoming pleasant weather will most certainly make this already thriving spot more popular. Highly recommended.

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