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November 17, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

M is still out of town, so I took the liberty to schedule an early breakfast review yesterday morning, before rushing back to work. I work for M, just in case you’re wondering, but since he’s not here, I don’t have to deal with giving him breakfast and dealing with his non-morning-person etc. I marched over this morning to the always impressive Fashion District of The Dubai Mall, in the heart of which stands the equally fashionable Armani Caffe.

My Plus One and I were warmly welcomed and promptly seated. Selecting what to order was quite the daunting task as the menu presented an overwhelming variety of options that each promised to be more appetizing than the last!

After much ado, we started off with a Mystic Love, which is a refreshing medley of strawberry pulp, cranberry, lemon and passion fruit. We also tried a fresh Melon and Ginger Juice; I loved that it was very strongly gingery.


We then dug into  an Eggs Benedict- quite easily the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had till date. The only thing that kept this from being perfect was the “bread roll” (as described by our server), that the poached eggs were placed atop. Said bread was very much like a  baguette, both in terms of taste and texture, and it was quite frankly impossible to cut through the edges. That said, I LOVED how it was partially hollowed out and filled with beautifully seasoned mushrooms, and served with perfectly grilled asparagus, smoked salmon and parmesan fondue! I truly saved this dish.


We also had a serving of Poached Eggs with Spinach. These couldn’t match up to the bar set by the Eggs Benedict and were thus a lot less enjoyable.


Our third and last savory pick was the Croque Madame Egg, which was layers of Norlander bread, alternated with smoked turkey ham, Red Leicester cheese, a sunny-side up egg and shaved truffles. This was the most sophisticated ham, cheese and egg sandwich I’ve had in my life. And it was delicious!



I was trying to keep it healthy, so my Plus One and I also shared a most vibrant Fresh Fruit Salad and a refreshing Forest Fruits and Granola Parfait.


But I did want to indulge in a little treat so we dug into the French Toast with banana compote. The toast had a nice caramelization to it, and in terms of flavor, this French Toast was PERFECT; in terms of texture- not so much.  I wish that instead of a banana compote, they had used caramelized slices of banana instead. Brown colored mush isn’t very visually appealing. Also, some candied or toasted pecans would have added a beautiful crunch to it. That said, if they make absolutely no change to this dish, I’ll still go back and order it again.


I was hoping I’d have room for dessert and some green tea, but I was royally stuffed and had to stop.

Till next time.

I highly recommend this place for breakfast.

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