Will No.3 be the No.1 Waffle House in Dubai?

November 18, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

I decided to do a quick breakfast tasting before starting work today, again. I’ve been catching Snaps of other bloggers’ experiences at No3 and was quite excited to try this place out- I mean come ON- it’s a WAFFLE house!

First things first though: I couldn’t find it on Zomato, which is my go-to app when I want a location map for a restaurant I’ve never been to. I hence got dropped off at the start of Boxpark, walked the entire length of it, and then had to call the PR to ask her where it is, because I STILL couldn’t find it. Thank God for the cool breeze this morning, else I would have passed out from the Dubai sun.

When I finally got there, I noticed that the sign was almost hidden away on one of the far sides of the restaurant. The super warm welcome by the manager herself did make up for the 20 odd minutes it took us to find the place though. Suffice to say, the waffles didn’t disappoint either.

We chose 3 savory options, and started off with 3 sweet options that eventually turned into 5. #sorrynotsorry

The first pick that I was very excited about was the Jebn and Chips Waffle Stick– sadly this fell short of my expectations. The waffle was far too soft- almost to the point of being sticky in the middle.


Our second savory pick, the Kamikaze, wasn’t actually a waffle at all, but in fact a pile of waffle fries topped with Bulgogi beef mince, a Korean herb sauce, some Kimchi, and Japanese mayo with a hint of cayenne and cajun spice. Now, while Japanese mayo is a lot creamier and better tasting than regular mayo, it’s still a form of mayo at the end of the day and I just can’t bring myself to like it. That said, it was an interesting and unique combination of flavors, and my Plus One thoroughly enjoyed it.


Last but not the least, everyone’s favorite: buttermilk-soaked Fried Chicken with Cornmeal Waffles. Oh my oh my. The chicken was very tender and juicy; the waffle, however, was a bit too soft and could have done with more of a crisp on the outside, but (commendably) when we told our server this, the following waffles were adjusted accordingly.


I custom designed my own sweet waffle, and chose a buckwheat waffle base, topped with some Lotus Biscoff, Cinnamon Chantilly cream, blueberries, strawberries, coconut flakes and almonds. While I was dismayed that the “almonds” were ground to the point of being almond meal (which, in my opinion is completely redundant; some chopped, toasted almonds would have been MUCH better in terms of texture and flavor); and the coconut flakes were also undetectable, this was an extremely delicious waffle. The cinnamon Chantilly was utterly delicate and light, and the buckwheat waffle was so beautifully soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I LOVED this waffle so much that I brought the leftovers home, and enjoyed it with my evening tea.


We also tried the Nutella Peanut-Butter French Toast, which tasted more like a Nutella Peanut-Butter sandwich than French Toast. I’m not saying it wasn’t good, but the accolade goes to the two infallible spreads rather than the execution of the dish as a whole.


The Red Velvet Waffle was visually stunning, and I couldn’t keep my eyes or camera off of it. The cream cheese filling was also on point. The waffle itself could have been a little sweeter though. Presentation was on point.


The Brownie Surprise was certainly full of many surprises! The waffle itself was made of delicious brownie batter, and was topped with squares of Kinder Bueno, a scoop of ice cream, hot fudge, and (this is where the surprise is) CHOCOLATE POP ROCKS! It was a great dessert option.


Last but not the least, we were brought a Blueberry Muffle. Now this was sheer brilliance in my books, because this was a waffle made with muffin batter and that’s just two of my favorite things merged into one. Big yes to this. It was slathered with butter and cream and was absolute perfection.


Word of advice to the management: The name is really confusing and hard to search for across various social media. Would I go back? Perhaps. What would I order again? The Blueberry Muffle and I’d create my own customized waffle.

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