Yo! Sushi | Mall of The Emirates

December 6, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

Conveyor belt sushi is an age old concept in the Far East, and is common and popular for a quick meal. However, Yo! Sushi, a UK import that has been around since 1987, is the only sushi place that allows you to enjoy this convenience in Dubai. For those of you who just don’t like sushi, but still want to join in on the fun, there is a huge variety of other options too.


My reservation with conveyor belt sushi is that the sushi has been sitting out there, making its rounds for God knows how long. These reservations were dispelled by the manager at Yo! Sushi, as he assured us that raw products aren’t left on the belt for more than 2 hours, and neither is the rice. Hot items are made to order.

The fact that these guys go through anywhere between 15 to 30 kilos of salmon every DAY, goes to show they must be doing something right. All their salmon is organic and flown in every 72 hours.

We tried a variety of items, and my favorite were the seared/ceviche options.

The Miso Black Cod -although a tad too salty-  absolutely melted in our mouths.


The Chili Chicken Ramen, although completely different from the one I love and drown myself in at Wagamama, was thoroughly enjoyed by my plus one, who happens to be a Singaporean and grew up eating Asian food.


The Tuna Tataki was a burst of contrasting flavors that beautifully came together, and I absolutely LOVED it.


The Marinated Dill and Salmon salad was light and refreshing.


I LOVED the Salmon Yuzu, but the Shichimi & Dill Seared Salmon was lacking any flavor other than dill and a hit of chili.


Other dishes we enjoyed included Popcorn Shrimp Tempura, Beef Teriyaki, the most tender Tuna Sashimi, a selection of Salmon dishes, and a Kaiso Salad


We enjoyed a delicious meal in a lively environment, and Yo! Sushi is now a considerable option for my Japanese food cravings.

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