The Counter : Our most favorite burgers, ever.

December 20, 2015 , Passmethedimsum

Imagine a Utopia where one can custom design one’s own burger, with the juiciest, antibiotic-free, hormone-free beef, and free-range chicken, (or a veggie patty, if that’s how you roll) and every single condiment imaginable is at your disposal. I’ll do you one better, imagine being able to sandwich your preferred fillings between a buttery soft bun, or an English muffin, or bread, or a wheat bun, OR a PRETZEL BUN. Wait, wait, I’ll do you one even better! NOW, imagine being able to pair all of the above with the most amazing customized MILKSHAKE! You can also get a salad instead, if thats what floats your boat (we can’t be friends in this case though).

NOW, imagine ALL of this to be priced quite reasonably too. Oh- I almost forgot-  you can also get your fries of choice, be they chili, parmesan, shoestring, sweet potato or plain ol’ regular.

Allow me to now be the bearer of good news, and inform you that said Utopia exists, at The Beach in JBR AND in The Dubai Mall. You’re welcome.

The Counter has been a favorite of my entire family’s since it first opened in Jeddah. We were delighted to discover that the standards are consistent even in Dubai. Many a times (until recently), we would be in Dubai Mall, crave our favorite burgers, and drive all the way to JBR just for The Counter. Thankfully, we can now get our fix The Centre of Now.

On my last visit to The Counter, my friends and I ordered our favorite burger combinations, and our customary sides of Beef Chili and Parmesan Fries. We also decided to try the Sweet Potato Fries, and boy oh boy, they were sheer perfection. Because we were REALLY hungry, we also popped a couple of Deviled Eggs into our never-full mouths. We tried the Kale Salad as well, but I found that to be unimpressive.

I completed my meal with a salted pretzel, apple crumble and butterscotch shake, and it truly hit the spot.

A couple of days later, I went back for an encore, and it certainly won’t be the last time.


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