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February 7, 2016 , Haiya

Sundays: the Mondays of the middle east. The first half of Sunday is almost always spent in silently mourning the demise of the weekend. Today was no exception and I was feeling especially lazy towards lunchtime; rummaging through the refrigerator for a quick bite. I kid you not, just as I was about to cut into an avocado, the doorbell rang and lo and behold, a modern day knight in delivery armour showed up, bearing a brown paper bag filled with healthy lunch! I clicked my heels with joy, threw that avocado back in the fridge and dug in.

The bag contained an Omega 3 Salmon and Edemame Salad -which with a squeeze of lime was a most refreshing start to the meal, a succulent Sundried Tomato and Chicken Wrap on fleek, Vegetable Sesame Rice Paper Rolls, and Beetroot and Avocado Organic Quinoa Nori. My least favorite was the nori- it was far too big in diameter to stuff in my mouth and the quinoa was a bit too bland for my liking, but everything else more than made up for it!

Everything was fresh and delicious, and after my weekend discovery of Comptoir 102, and now Appetite The Shop, I have newfound hope and determination in the ability to eat healthy without compromising on taste 🙂

Thank God for that vegan raw chocolate I made the other day, so I can check this off as a completely healthy meal!


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