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March 9, 2016 , Haiya

My parents were in town all of last week, and it was bittersweet because I had been looking forward to their visit for an entire year (that’s how long it had been since their last visit!); but just as they flew in, M had to urgently fly out for some work-related crisis management. To top it off, my sister flew in too, so it was a total bummer that our much awaited family reunion of sorts was missing an integral M. We tried our best to keep our sprits high though, and have as much fun as we could without everyone’s-favorite-adopted-family-member. My parents were in the mood for some Khaleeji breakfast one morning, and the weather was beautiful and perfect to sit outdoors in, so of course Logma was the first place to come to mind.


Logma was one of my earliest tastings, and considering how great my experience with them was- all in terms of service, quality of food, and relationship with the PR, it was only befitting that I took them to the place where it pretty much all began. I’ve always been a big fan of the food at Logma, and always recommend it to everyone for some contemporary Khaleeji cuisine (my choice of recommendation for a more traditional option is Seven Sands). This time around, however, I wanted to try their breakfast options and see if they lived up to the high expectations set by the regular menu. Verdict: Logma strikes again.


Among the four of us, we had an Egg Paratha (this was so, SO good), a Shakshouka, a Logma Eggs, and a Traditional Breakfast. The Traditional Breakfast comprised of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, chebab, balateet, khameer, and regag with a side of date syrup and cream cheese. This was a breakfast of champions, and the vermicelli was done exceptionally well. The Logma Eggs were basically three sunny side-up eggs with a sprinkling of that legendary Logma spice that brough the Logma fries to all it’s fame and glory. Everything was extremely enjoyable, but I was troubled by the fact that although we requested our Shakshouka eggs to be runny, and the Logma Eggs to be medium, they were all well done. To take away the joy of an oozing egg yolk from my breakfast is one of the most cruel offenses imaginable.


Also shockingly, the fresh fruit juices were terribly disappointing. I requested a green apple juice but got regular apple instead- big, big difference, guys. The mint lemonade was very bitter, the pineapple juice was very bland, and only the watermelon juice was good. I appreciated that there was no sugar added to any of these juices, but then they should have ensured that the fruits used were naturally sweet.


The service as usual more than made up for the offense though. Their new manager, Mazen, should be a proxy for how all restaurant managers should be: extremely cordial and welcoming. The supervisor, however, seemed to have been having a really unpleasant day- or so it seemed from his mood at least.


And then it got better: I discovered that they serve their delectable Chebab Katayef for breakfast! Give me ice cream any time of the day and I’m a super happy camper! Add smushed up dates, a deep fried chebab and marscapone to it and pair that up with their signature Karak Chai and this breakfast could receive the royal seal of approval. And of course, how could we leave without trying their feather-light, pillows of bliss: the Luqaimat.


Overall it was a very pleasant morning, with great food, great company, in great weather. Logma continues to top my list of favorite casual places to frequent.


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