Dimsum Class at Hong Loong | Sofitel Palm Jumeirah

April 17, 2016 , Haiya

Last Saturday, Hong Loong at Sofitel, The Palm, invited a small group of bloggers for an interactive dimsum making class. This wasn’t my first time making (or rather attempting) dimsum, but everyone else in the class clearly acquired newfound respect for these little dumplings of love. The amount of work that goes into making one of these little parcels of deliciousness that one thoughtlessly dips in some sauce and pops in their mouths only to reach for another one, actually require a lot of tedious work- as each and every single one is handmade. And you might roll your eyes and think thats not THAT big of a deal, to which I shall boo you off stage. I, someone who loves dimsum (clearly), can’t make those pleats and folds and/or roll out a round paper-thin skin out of dough for the life of me



I’ve attended dimsum making classes before, but this one was the best organized one I’ve been to till date. Each of us had a little bag waiting for us, containing an apron, recipe cards, a pen to take notes, a little bamboo steamer  to take home and a Chinese fan just because 🙂 It’s no surprise though, as House of Comms‘ reputation precedes them and they’re known for organizing great events. The recipe cards were a huge help as I had to waste no time noting down the recipe and could focus all my attention on making videos and taking pictures.


We learnt how to make the following:










We start with a quail egg and then add the shrimp and chicken mixture


Because of the quail egg, this Seiw Mai is cooked upside down




The dough must be kept under a cling film throughout to prevent drying



The many impressive pleats and designs that I’ll never be able to make

For the step-by-step illustration purposes, I have scanned a page from one of of my cookbooks that details how to make the dumplings:


Here’s the best part though: you don’t really  need to make these yourself. Every Saturday, there’s a dimsum brunch at Hong Loong from 12 to 3 at AED 250/pax, which also grants you beach access. You can call on 04 4556677 to make a reservation.



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