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April 17, 2016 , Haiya

Anytime I’m invited to a Thai restaurant, I can’t decline even if I’m restrained and made to wear a strait-jacket. And to be fair, when it comes to Thai food, I’m rarely disappointed. Last Tuesday, I was invited to Sukothai (though Zomato(!)- this is a super rare occurrence for me)– to sample some of the items that will be served in their Songkren. I had an absolutely wonderful evening, and it was mostly due to the good company of like-minded foodies (Jen Sahi & her husband Rob, Michelle of Mishi’s Kitchen, and good ol Kimbery & Denver).


Sticky Rice

I’ve been skipping most blogger events as most of them have been chaotic and disappointing as of late. Poorly organized, most of these events have been coming across as “oh no, I bit off way more than I can chew. I probably shouldn’t have invited 50 billion bloggers”. Thankfully, with a small table of just 9 food enthusiasts, we were all able to enjoy a satisfying and intimate meal at Sukothai with fulfilling conversation and a handful of laughs. I don’t think I can call it an “event” though- as there were no activities or goody bags- it was more like a joint tasting of a few dishes which were to be available at the Songkren festival.


Chicken Green Curry

The food itself was decent but nothing outstanding. There was nothing I haven’t tried before or had a similar if not better version of somewhere else except for the purple flower chicken dumplings. I had only seen these on TV, in one of my favorite Food Network series called Marion’s Thailand.  It was from that show that I knew these dumplings are colored by boiling Bluepea Flowers in water and then using that water to make the dough for the dumplings’ wrappers. Funnily enough, when I excitedly asked our server if these purple dumplings were colored using those flowers, he said “no, it’s just food coloring”, haha! Of course the manager was quick to correct him. Hmm. Anyway, these dumplings were quite sweet, with quite a bit of palm sugar in the filling.


I loved the lemongrass and prawn salad we got as a starter. I wasn’t too big a fan of the chicken satay but then again I’m never a fan of satay.


After about a half hour of finishing the appetizers, we finally got the mains. Upon our request, they made the food “very spicy”, but I can assure you it was still enjoyable and entirely palatable, as it still wasn’t the Thai level of spicy!


My favorite was the Lobster in Red Curry, and the Beef Sirloin strips, but the Chicken Green Curry and Sauteed Vegetables were also great. We enjoyed these with the options of both Jasmine and sticky rices. Presentation of the dishes was very “authentic” and minimalistic.


Overall, it was a good meal, but  with so many better options as well as new placed to try, I find it highly unlikely that I’ll be going back especially considering I live in the other end of the city.

You can make a reservation on 04 2170000
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