The Farmers’ Market in Bay Avenue Park- Kale Yeah!

April 19, 2016 , Haiya


I LOVE mornings. Except for the opening my eyes and getting out of bed part, I’m a total morning person. There are people who need to not be spoken to till an hour after they’ve woken up or had their coffee or sacrificed a unicorn, but I’m annoyingly pleasant if I wake up early. To make things better, it was RAINING last Friyay! While rain is reason for gloominess in colder parts of the world, a break from the blazing sun is celebrated like a blessing here in the desert. So, we jumped out of bed and buckled our seat belts to head to the Farmer’s Market in Bay Avenue!


We found our way very easily, as the weekly market is set up on the helm of Business Bay Executive Towers. We realized once we got there that our breakfast of bagels at home may have been a rushed decision, as Baker & Spice had set up shop there with the most mouthwatering breakfast-y items ranging from focaccia to muffins to coffee- they had it all!


Interestingly, there were no fruits being sold there. You could find zaatar, coconut oil, fresh buttermilk, herbs that were brighter and fresher than I’ve ever seen and the freshes, shiniest vegetables of all shapes and sizes (a telltale sign that they’re non GMO)- but no fruits. I got myself a handful of assorted vegetables: baby carrots, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and a LOT of Kale. You guys, for the amount I pay at the supermarket for a a kilo of kale, I got THREE kilos at the farmers’ market. Snow. Angels.


Now I have and am consuming so much Kale that I might just turn physically green by the end of the week, but I really really love Kale, ok?


Here’s a recipe for some Kale Chips. Enjoy.