The 9 Best Burgers in Dubai!

May 9, 2016 , Haiya

I love a good burger and I’m no vegetarian so I have no reservations sinking my teeth into juicy meat sandwiched between buns every chance I get. I don’t discriminate based on size, so I’m going to include sliders in this list as well. Feel free to bookmark this page for the next time you want an unforgettable burger in that vacuum you call a stomach.


1/3 lb beef burger with 2 sides. Roughly AED 60

The Counter: This tops my list, and earns it’s place every. single. time. Here’s what I love about The Counter: The beef, the beef, and the beef. It’s hormone free, grass fed Angus and hits the spot consistently without fail. What’s also great is the variety of buns to choose from, or to turn your burger into a salad. My favorite is the pretzel bun. Pair that juicy flavorful meat/chicken/veggie patty with some parmesan fries and a customized milkshake and you’ll be aching for more even after you’re too stuffed to move.


Hook Double at Salt

Salt: I wouldn’t be surprised if Salt is the biggest reason why people visit the Kite Beach. These guys have got your beach cravings sorted even in the summer months, with their air conditioned seating that still allows you to dine with sand between your toes. The burgers/sliders at Salt are a little bigger than sliders and smaller than burgers but taste so good I could cry. They have a very small menu but I really don’t see anyone complaining.


Mini Beef Burgers at Boca [AED 60 for two sliders]

Boca: Every time I go to Boca, I observe that the two most ordered items on the tables surrounding me are the lobster rolls and the Mini Beef Burgers. As soon as I sank my teeth into these babies, I knew why they’re making rounds on all the tables. These bad boys have a pine Romesco sauce, Piquillo, and Chickarrones and are enough on their own to lure to back to Boca again and again.


Cheesy Meaty Burger at The Collective, Grand Hyatt. [AED 85]

The Collective: The Cheesy Meaty Burger is very unique. A) the delicious beef patty is sandwiched between grilled sourdough bread instead of the standard brioche, and B) instead of mayo (I hate mayo) and lame old ketchup, it’s got a slathering of Chipotle and Harissa sauce instead. Price: AED 85.


Wagyu Wasabi slider at Toko

Toko: Famous for it’s Japanese fare (and the fact that Kimmy K dropped by here on one of her Dubai visits), this was an unexpected place to eat one of the most memorable sliders of my life. Sandwiched in a black charcoal bun, this wagyu slider had wasabi mayo and was truly unforgettable. This was part of their Tuesday night brunch Yugure menu.


Beef Sliders at Dean & Deluca [AED 45]

Dean & Deluca: I usually steer clear of places that are serving up “international” cuisine, but Dean & Deluca has some pleasant surprises up it’s sleeve, one of which is their beef sliders.


The double Mushroom & Swiss at Mooyah [AED 25-35]

Mooyah: This place offers my favorite cheap/fast food burgers, especially if you throw an Entertainer voucher into the mix. Price: AED 25-35, without the Entertainers!

Doner Kebab Burger

Doner Burger with extra meat and cheese [AED 33]

Doner Kebab: Not your traditional burger, but this German beast definitely belongs on the list.


The Slider Trio at mOre Cafe. I only really loved the beef short rib one though. [AED 85]

More Cafe: While the classic mOre burger never disappoints, it’s the Short Rib sliders at mOre Cafe are so good it’s ridiculous. What’s very interesting about these is that rather than just slapping a sloppy mess of pulled short rib on the bun, it was shaped into a patty, breaded, and deep fried.

I’m going to keep adding to this list when and if I come across another burger worthy of a listing in this hall of fame. Do leave a comment below if you feel I’ve missed something and need to try it out!


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