More Burgers at More Cafe | Mall of the Emirates

May 11, 2016 , Haiya

I’ve been to More Cafe more than once, and while I’ve tried many memorable things there, one thing that really stood out was the More burger. I love a good burger, and I remember being very impressed because the burger patty was nicely seasoned, which is unusual for beef burgers on the regular. So, when I was invited back to try out the new additions to their burger menu, I was instantly on board.

Here’s what we tried:


The Teriyaki Burger: Juicy, moist, flavorful and packed with meaty goodness. [AED 85]


The Classic Burger: the picture is worth a thousand words. [AED 75]



The Slider Trio [AED 75]

From left to right:

The tuna slider in squid ink bun was WAY too gingery, and this is coming from someone who LOVES ginger. Squid ink doesn’t add any value to food in terms of flavor, but does make the color super fun, in a sinister looking way.

The beef shortrib slider was the Instead of just sloppily slapping on the pulled-apart beef, it had been neatly shaped into a patty, breaded, fried and made into one of the most delicious burgers/sliders that made it to my list of Best Burgers in Dubai. the beef was extremely tender, juicy and flavorful.

The one on the extreme right was a veggie burger made with a chickpea patty. On it’s own it was dry and tasteless, but with the wasabi mayo that accompanied it, it was delicious.

I also loved the sweet potato fries and the regular fries on the side. They were fresh and crispy, just the way everybody likes them!

Thanks for having me over, can’t wait to come back for mOre 🙂