The 12 Best Breakfasts In Dubai

July 9, 2016 , Haiya

Ramadan, our favorite month of the year just bode us farewell. I really hope I’m around to be blessed with many more Ramadan’s to come, but until the next one, I’m going to do what I do best: breakfast. Boy oh boy, do I love breakfast. If it weren’t for breakfast, I’d probably never get out of bed. To welcome back morning breakfasts, I’m sharing a list of my 12 favorite places (in random order) to have the best breakfasts in Dubai.

Cocoa Room


Hands down the most picturesque tableware, sun-kissed interiors, and extremely satisfying food. I prefer the savory menu to the sweet, and the Ninjawich (pictured above) is something I often dream of at night.

No3 Waffle House


If you’re a waffle junkie who wants to customize their waffles to the extent of having buckwheat waffles with cinnamon Chantilly cream and Lotus Biscoff, this is the place for you.

Armani Caffe


If you ask me where you can find the best Eggs Benedict in Dubai, I’ll say Armani Caffe, over and over again. The fruit salad made for a prettier picture though. I also recommend their Croque Madamme.



I love these guys so much, that they even put one of my signature recipes on their menu for two whole weeks!


Gulf Bagel Factory:


I always have at least half a dozen of these carbful babies in my freezer for a indulgent breakfast at home. Slather on some Philadelphia cheese, some homemade raspberry chia jam, and I guarantee you’ll have yourself a blissful morning- or a food coma that will send you right back to bed.


Stomping Grounds


I don’t understand how it is even humanly possible to make eggs taste that good. Oh and I hear the coffee isn’t bad either (it practically has a cult following, ok?)


Fortnum & Mason

F&M Tea Salon

If you want to feel very proper and enjoy an English breakfast with a royal flair and a view of the majestic Burj Khalifa, grab your credit card and be on your way.




An all time favorite that never disappoints. This is where M and I head to by default when we want a reliable, filling breakfast and don’t want to think too hard.


Crumble Cafe


A hidden gem. I could never have expected for an inconspicuous cafe on Sheikh Zayed road to have such a solid breakfast menu, and their french toast it to DIE for.




I love them most for their Pistachio fondant, but they serve decent breakfast/pain perdu too.




The best hazelnut latte and almond croissant I’ve had in Dubai, and one of my favorite breakfast spots in The Dubai Mall.




This is where I take visiting guests to for an Emirati breakfast. My favorite: the Egg Paratha Roll, Karak Chai, and a Chebab Katayef.