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August 8, 2016 , Haiya

Did I ever tell you how much I love brunch? Only about a hundred million times, I’m sure. Brunch allows me to have a late breakfast and keep grazing till it’s time for lunch and then keep eating till it’s time for evening tea. Afterwards, I can relocate to a place that allows me have tea till it’s time for dinner (which is basically home). If that doesn’t sound like my kind of weekend to you, then you know me not at all.


I think my favorite part about going out for brunch and spending 3 hours to eat what would normally take just 45 mins at home (prep time and dish washing included), is that it allows M a break. Make no mistakes, he still spends his entire time at brunch staring at his touch-screen, but it’s pretty much the only time he switches his brain off from the excel sheets and takes enough of a break to catch a breath and catch up on reading all the articles on the world wide web that will yield him no benefit except perhaps increase his chances at winning a trivia game show on a deserted island.


One of my favorite choices for a relaxed, low-key brunch is the Levant Brunch at Manzil Downtown. Here’s why:

  1. Even when it’s a full house, it somehow still feels quaint and peaceful at The Boulevard Kitchen. I manage to always feel like I’m the only one there and have plenty of space to myself.
  2. The variety of food is always aplenty but never overwhelming. There are a few favorites that they will always have on display, and there’s a humble selection of something for everyone.
  3. They’ve had this Entertainer 2 for 1 monthly offer going on for the last several months, and I’m a big cheapskate always on the prowl for a good bargain. This brunch is a GREAT bargain.
  4. This brunch includes sheesha. While that may not sound too appealing in the summer, let me assure you that the outdoor/smoking area is air conditioned, hence the weather tolerable.
  5. The service is fantastic, true to Emaar standards. The manager, Jamiel, recognizes us and is always quick to extend a warm welcome; and my cup of tea is never left empty on my table for too long before the all knowing servers replace it with a fresh one that they know I can never get enough of.
  6. Emaar. TWG waterfruit tea. Unlimited and copious amounts. Enough said.

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So last Friday, M and I went to said brunch and had a chilled-out time. Be warned though, this is exclusively a Levant brunch.Don’t expect to find waffles and pancakes here.Barring some muffins, focaccia, Danish pastries and a couple of Indian curries, the menu is almost entirely Levantine.  The best part is that I got to somewhat stick to my diet. I had a decent variety of salads to choose from, a lot of grills, and a ton of mezze. I did of course have an entire chocolate and butterscotch muffin (and it was oh so worth it), but a quick glance at the note I keep in my phone to remind me of my current weight kept me far, far away from the dessert table. M only smokes sheesha when he has company (and I’m no company), so we skipped that part but it was a fulfilling brunch nonetheless.


The brunch (including sheesha) costs AED 195 with soft beverages, fresh juices and hot drinks. Use the Entertainer voucher and your plus 1 eats for free. Dubai, you’re good to us.

For reservations, call 04 4285888

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