Teatime, Chocolate, and Eid ul Adha with ChocoLAK.com

September 14, 2016 , Haiya

Who here knows how much I love tea? I see a lot of hands being raised and eyes being rolled. I love tea. Big surprise. A piping hot cup of green tea in a Bone China mug in hand with a lit scented candle, and my feet up in the recliner are all the things I need for a perfect evening. If you pair the aforementioned variables with some dessert, I’m just about ready to rest in peace.


Lately I’ve been trying to cut back on refined sugar as much as I can, and every time I crave something sweet, I have a piece of fruit instead. If there’s one thing that cannot be substituted with fruit though, its chocolate. There is no alternative to chocolate. Never will you ever hear the phrase “I really feel like having chocolate, so let’s have some grapefruit instead”, out of any sane human being’s mouth.

So what does one do when craving chocolate but on a diet? One has dark chocolate instead. It’s healthier, it’s good for the heart (and really good for the soul), and I feel that since the chocolatey taste is more intensified (due to the lesser presence of sugar), a little bit goes a long way.


Last week, I was offered a voucher from the newly opened ChocoLAK.com, so I naturally clicked my heels with joy and started speed-clicking online. ChocoLAK.com is a new online luxury chocolate retailer, and when I say “luxury” I don’t mean unnecessarily overdressed and packaged in ribbons fit for a wedding, I mean this is really, REALLY good chocolate. I had to try it to believe it, and a few clicks and a few long days later, I was a believer.

I ordered 3 kinds of chocolates, and along with the $14 for shipping, my grand total was $75. I’m no royalty; this was expensive chocolate for me, especially considering how minuscule the quantity was compared to my insatiable appetite- but oh my God, the dark chocolate was some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had. I also loved the thermal packaging that came with black ice packs, to keep the chocolates from melting. Totally worth the shipping charges.


My favorite, that I practically wolfed down in only a matter of days, was the Nocciolato Fondent 63%, which had whole hazelnuts in it and words cannot do justice to how perfectly bittersweet it was.

I also enjoyed the Bouni and Riccetti, but I really am more of a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate person. For those of you who love milk chocolate and love the crunch of nuts too, these ones are for you.

I’m currently giving away a $60 voucher for chocolak.com, so hurry on to my Instagram to compete 🙂 The best part: this isn’t just for my followers in Dubai. Chocoholics all over the GCC, and in Lebanon and Jordan can have these delivered to their doorstep! Do try out the chocolates, and let me know what you think?