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October 15, 2016 , Haiya

For the last week, I’ve been down with a really annoying cold. I’m no stranger to colds, and would even go as far as calling myself an expert of colds. I can tell exactly when a cold is around the corner and how to dodge it. I can tell when it’s viral and when it’s just allergies. I also know when the cold has already got a grasp on me and it’s time to accept defeat, and wait out that miserable first night of the itchy and scratchy throat. This ongoing cold however– this one’s a real bugger. No amount of Vit C, Panadol CFs, anthistamines, sunbathing or curling up under the covers is making it go away- not even one bit. This clearly meant I needed to pull out the big guns: I needed some Tom Yum.


Perfect timing to remember an invite I received a while back to try out the new branch of Fuchsia at Bay Square (and some strong recommendations from trusted foodie friends) so all it took was a quick call to Paul-my favorite PR guy- to book me in and I was on my way to (hopefully) set my mouth on fire.

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I love Bay Square and how all the restaurants there are so sun-kissed. A little Vit D goes a long way, and it makes taking pictures oh so easy too. Fuchsia was easy to find (Building 4), and the staff were very welcoming too. The interiors are modern in the currently trending hipster way with exposed ceilings, retro lightbulbs, and flashy fluorescent quotes on the wall. It wasn’t overkill though; clean wooden tables, comfortable chairs and only the occasional and classy splash of actual fuchsia appeared in the form of small plant pots on the tables, as well as the sofa seating lined only against the walls of the restaurant. Music was soft– which is good, because I don’t understand why so many restaurants try to become nightclubs.


The menu is concise but sufficient, and I picked a few favorites that I was craving. As is customary, I asked them to make my food extra spicy. Much to my delight, I was asked in return whether I want “normal” extra spicy or Thai spicy. the fact that these guys knew the difference made my eyes glisten with excitement and I told them to bring out the big guns. The server further warned me that the “Thai spicy” will be very spicy, but of course I threw caution to the wind.

Here’s what we had:


Chicken Satay. The best, melt-in-your mouth satays I’ve ever had. The reason: they broke the basic rule of satay (to use cheap, unwanted cuts of the chicken), and used chicken breasts instead. If only I could write I love song…..



If you don’t love a plate of Kang Kung a.k.a Morning Glory, you’re not a real Thai food lover. This is a dish that is absolutely fool proof and just never seems to disappoint so it’s a very “safe” item to order just about anywhere.



The Massaman curry is never my top choice at a Thai eatery but it was highly recommended by our server so I decided to give it a go and have something sweet on the table to soothe the burns that my tongue was sure to experience, thanks to the firey hot nature of the rest of my selections.



I recently had the best plate of Chili Chcken Basil at Blue Jade, so I definitely wanted to order it here as well. It was delicious and spicy– just the way I wanted it, but it didn’t beat the version at Blue Jade.



Crispy Fish and Mango Salad. My least favorite item on the table. It just didn’t pack the punch I was expecting it to.


Again, not the best Red Curry I’ve ever had, but that’s only because I’ve had way too many. This was in no way a bad red curry –quite the contrary in fact– and hit the mark on all important points. it was spicy, fragrant, coconutty, savory but not briney; it was really quite good.



The Thai iced-tea was surprisingly not sweet at all and upon inquiring as to why it isn’t, we discovered that they forgot to add sugar. I found that odd because Thai iced tea is usually made with condensed milk, but these guys make it with evaporated milk and add sugar separately. I love that, because this gives people the option to control the sweetness.




It’s hard to go wrong with a plate of mango and sticky rice too, but this was an exceptionally good plate The mango was firm but soft and had a hint of tartness to it, and the rice was a mound of warm, gooey, sticky LOVE. Hunger pangs are underway.

The million dollar question, though: did this wholesome meal cure my throat? I told you Thai food is a fool proof last resort, so yes 🙂 What’s your go-to cold remedy that never fails?

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