Meeples Board Game Cafe | SS15, Malaysia

October 19, 2016 , Haiya

So I won’t even try and lie about how I enjoy activities other than eating, especially when I’m traveling; I’m all about the food, always and forever. Sight seeing? Pass. Museums and culture? Pass. Food? Yes, please, always. Once in a blue moon, however, I eat too much and then I can’t eat any more (for a while). When such rare occasions occur, I momentarily engage in other activities. On one such day on my recent trip to Malaysia, when we had pigged out way too much at Asia Cafe and could no longer eat, and still downed a Bungeoppang from Aboong, we wobbled off to Meeples Board Game Cafe, which is just a stone’s throw away.


Full disclosure: I have never been to a board game cafe before. I’ve never even heard of the concept; and I was ridiculously excited! Literally hundreds of board games lined the walls. You could either buy brand new games to take home with you, or to play there if you’d like, or you could simply rent them and play there!

I don’t exactly remember the different rates and packages they had, but I do remember it being reasonable, and the place was packed with students even on a weeknight. Students have tight budgets, so a full house says something.


Additionally they have a “Game of The Week”. You can come in as many times as you like, and play this game of the week for as long as you like…..for….free. Guess which game us cheapskates chose to play? 🙂

Here’s the best part though, I thought that the game of the week would be a really lame game, especially since it was called Patchwork and I had never heard or it before, but it was absolutely riveting!

We really need a Meeples board game cafe of something of the sort in Dubai! Who’s with me?


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