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October 26, 2016 , Haiya

I decided before my last vacation, that I will henceforth skip the swanky hotel breakfasts even when they are paid for / included in the cost of the room, and explore the city for places that the locals frequent for breakfast. Ever since I became this awesome and adventurous person, Essence at Sheraton Imperial has been the only place where I broke my own rule.





I am so in love with breakfast that breakfast is the main reason for me to even get out of bed in the morning. I love breakfast so much that I sometimes have breakfast items for lunch and even for dinner. It is therefore only natural that I love the colossal spread that hotel breakfasts offer. I’m the person that wakes up at 6 a.m when staying at a hotel so that I can rush downstairs and leisurely enjoy my breakfast till 9 a.m.


Although I did a pretty good job at speeding past the fresh juices and warm waffles at the Executive lounges and breakfast buffets at all the hotels I stayed at on my recent trip, when I saw Essence at Sheraton Imperial, I decided I really want to just sit down with a warm cup of tea and a buttery croissant before I head out and take on the role of Dora the Explorer for the day.

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Whether you wanted a continental breakfast or an oriental one, these folks had it all. They even had Mamak food like Roti Cennai!  I’m so glad we ventured here, because it was here that M had the most unique salted egg with Bubur Ayam. I have been trying so hard to understand how they stained the whites to black, and I really hope the hotel can solve the mystery for me once they read this post.


I wish I had the desire to have the delicious noodle soups that were being prepared fresh and customized to everyone’s preferences, or some Nasi Lemak; but I was really just in the mood for something sweet and conventional so I had a croissant with some berry compote, some soul-soothing TWG Japanese Sencha tea and some fresh juice to kick start the day.


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