Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lampur | Malaysia

October 31, 2016 , Haiya

On my recent visit to KL, I divided my time among different hotels, as I was greedy for as much material for my blog as I could possible muster up. I’m not even exaggerating, I slept only 4-6 hours a night and just wanted to take it all in– everything! The best hotel experience I had on this trip was at the Sheraton Imperial KL. It was truly a luxury hotel with class, character and even a bit of history; and you can tell by the state of the hotel, cleanliness of the room and service of the staff, how professional and effective the management is.  I can safely say that these guys are on top of their game, especially since it’s last refurbishment happened some 9 years ago. The best part is how reasonable it was, perhaps because it’s not walking distance from KLCC, but hey, who cares when Grabcar and Uber are so cheap right?



Location: Located in the heart of the business and commercial district in KL called the Golden Triangle, Sheraton Imperial hit the mark on every aspect.  The lobby was not so palatial in size but still regal in it’s marble-clad attire, and reassures that this is a hotel that has stood the test of time and continued to churn out happy and satisfied guests. When I stepped into my suite here, I literally exhaled a sigh of relief. The whole hotel-hopping idea was proving to be too adventurous for my spoiled-by-luxury self. Finally, a hotel that matched the standard of hospitality I’m used to in Dubai!



Suite: Our room (on the 27th floor) was a sight for sore eyes and fully equipped with all the modern luxuries (except for USB ports for charging mobile devices).  It had accents of Asian architecture especially notable in the motifs on the curtains and in the woodwork. I really appreciated this, since Malaysian craftsmanship in woodwork is internationally renowned. I also appreciated how Sheraton Imperial understood that in trying to preserve and communicate local culture and architecture, they need not be regressive in the quality, comfort and functionality of the suite or the facilities. A clean and cosy couch, large coffee table, and comfortable work desk, and large flat-screen TV added depth to the room and made it all the more welcoming. The only thing I didn’t like was how the bed was made. One of the corners of the quilt was folded over, but it gave an unfinished/messy look to the bed, and also exposed a good 3-4 inches of the quilt which had not properly been covered by the quilt cover.

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Bedroom: One look at the embossed sheets and very plush bed and I knew I’d have a good night’s sleep (which I did!) A small detail that can either make my night or drive me crazy is the runner most hotels like to place at the foot of the bed, and cushions they place on the pillows. I just KNOW that there’s no way those runners and cushions are washed every time a guest checks out, and I also know that those cushions and runners are tossed aside by the guest(s) (often on the floor). Naturally, I do not want to place my face on a pillow that was up until then a resting ground for said unwashed cushion(s) that have been tossed around on the carpets for God knows how long. The bed in our room at Sheraton Imperial had no runner and no cushions. Thank. GOD. It did however have a wicker basket withholding the laundry menu on it– unpreferable but forgivable. Also, I know that hotels are notorious for having super plushy and comfortable beds, and I’m not sure if I was just super exhausted, but there was something about this bed that made it the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, anywhere in the world.

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View: I always sleep with the curtains pulled, so that I can wake up at the crack of dawn. We had a view of the stunning KL tower, and I remember waking up at Fajr time to see the tower lit up and glowing in hot pink. I remember thinking even in my sleepy stupor, what an awesome view that was to wake up to.


Luggage Room: I also liked that there was a small room for the luggage, about the size of a dressing room, but too small to serve both purposes if like me you’ve got 5 pieces of luggage. It was however great to stash the luggage away and close the door and not have luggage sprawled all over the floor, especially if one were to invite a guest over.



Minibar: The minibar was well-stocked with TWG tea (amongst other things), so carpet angels would have been in order had I not been so stuffed by the dozens of bubble teas and “Milo Dinosaurs” I’d been downing all day in the mamaks that are iconic of KL.

Bathroom: The bathroom was spotless, and only in the corners of the floors and walls could I see any signs of aging. I loved how since we were staying for two days, and there were two of us, there were ample toiletries to last us those two days. Four toothbrushes, twos of the shampoos, soaps etc. I like not having to call housekeeping for more, especially since I prefer for them to skip making my room up when I’m staying for such a short while. The only (pretty shocking) downside to the bathroom was the shower bidet. It was extremely out of place with how regressive it was. It was essentially a silver pipe, and one had to reach for a knob close to the floor to turn it on/off. I wouldn’t expect something like that in a place like this.

Common Areas: The common area on the ground floor of sheraton Imperial give guests access to computers and printing facilities, which is something I never take for granted since I always have to print my boarding pass. There are also 5 F&B outlets, and I had an extremely satisfying dinner at Celestial Court and a light breakfast at Essence just before checking out. What made Celestial Court so completely perfect was not just how delicious the food was, but also how it was all halal, and that’s a rare feat for a Chinese restaurant. There is also a fully equipped gym but I wouldn’t know what that’s used for as I’ve never been inside one. I was however extremely tempted to take a dip in their pool with a view of the KL tower, however my inability to stay put did not allow it.

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Poolside: This was the only poolside I’ve personally seen in KL that had cabanas offering sheesha. This made the Arab in my husband very happy.

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Spa: Some people travel just to relax and enjoy the hotels. I travel as if to test my endurance and see how much I can explore the city, and then have a hotel pamper me at the end of the day. Thankfully, Sheraton Imperial also house the Mandara Spa, where I got a reasonably priced but satisfying Balinese massage, and treated my sister to a facial. It was a great bonding experience, but not in the way you’d expect. We didn’t have any deep talks about our pasts and futures. Instead, we were rolling with laughter the whole time talking about the previous day’s adventures, and our masseuses probably thought we are crazy. The bottom line is we had a really great time, and are grateful to Sheraton Imperial for enabling it.  Read more about Mandara Spa here.

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Celestial Court: I was dying to try out Celestial Court because of course I wanted to have dim sum on my trip to KL; and it’s close to impossible to find halal dim sum anywhere outside of a nice hotel. The last time I had great dim sum in KL was at The Ritz Carlton; so I was very excited about this 18 year old restaurant at Sheraton Imperial. Read more on my dinner at Celestial Court here.

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Essence: This is where I broke my vow to not have breakfast in any hotel on this trip. I wanted to save my appetite for as much street food as I could, but the variety here was just too tempting to pass on, as they had something for everyone. Read more about the most amazing salted egg M had at Essence here.

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Overall, Sheraton Imperial welcomed me to a very pleasant experience, and I can’t wait to go back. I am also thrilled to be able to share with my readers a special offer for bookings made in advance! Here’s the link , you’re welcome! 🙂