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November 1, 2016 , Haiya

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling the cheer and festivity. I love all the red and green, and I especially love the festive menu offerings. Intersect by Lexus decided to get a head start this year on inviting bloggers and critics over to preview their festive menu for this year, and I was one of the privileged few to sink her teeth into the decadent deliciousness before service officially starts.


Intersect By Lexus

I’ve been to Intersect By Lexus once before, and the only reason I haven’t visited more often is because I’m constantly trying out new places. If Dubai has fewer temping options and fewer new places popping up every three days, then Intersect by Lexus would have been a regular haunt for me–without a doubt. I absolutely love the ambience, and how they’ve created a “third” space where people can work yet feel at home. I’d love to drone on and on about the interior decor, because I just can’t get enough of it, but I’ll just let you read my previous post for details, here.


They’ve not got a shiny new car in their pimped-up basement garage, and a delectable festive menu that’s truly worth looking forward to. Now you can have either a 3-course menu or a 4-course one, but I’m a hog so along with M, we tried a course of everything.


Amuse Bouche: Loch Fyne Scottish Oyster with Yuzu and Tomato Vinaigrette. M and I usually aren’t crazy fans of oysters, but now I know that’s because up until now we hadn’t had THESE oysters. I liked the texture that the tomato salsa provided.


Cold starter 1: Burrata with Meli Melo Tomato Salad, served on Rocca leaves with a touch of basil oil: This could easily have been the best Burrata we’ve ever had. I don’t say that lightly, but only because this is the only burrata M has ever enjoyed. The texture was so buttery and creamy but the flavor was purely that of mozzarella. They didn’t over-season the burrata and allowed for the glory of it’s inherent quality to shine through. 


Cold starter 2: Bresaola served with Coriander-infused Caramalized Apples, on Tender Mixed Leaves dressed in Verbena Oil. I couldn’t get enough of this! The duggar spice places on the side gave it that final touch of umami. All notes were beautifully balanced, and if you assemble the perfect bite with a bit of everything in it, I assure you you’ll be going back for more! 



Hot Starter1: Pan Seared Scallop with Brussels Sprout Purée, Pomegranate and Pancetta : My complaint with scallops in general is that they taste bland and under-seasoned more often than not.  This issue was clearly anticipated and addressed at Intersect by Lexus, where crispy bits of beef panchetta added that much desired touch of saltiness to the otherwise perfectly seared scallops. The pomegranate added a very welcome burst of tartness, and the brussel sprout puree just tied everything together in perfect harmony. 

Hot Starters 2: Creamy Artichoke Soup with Smoked Artichoke and chive tortellini.  I loved the release of palpable smokiness as I bit into the tortellini. 


Main Courses 1: Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Figs, Green Beans and Jus for the safe players. I’m not sure how tenderloin with Chimichurri sauce belongs on a festive menu, but I suppose the semi-dried figs covered that aspect? The steak sized half of Eryngii mushroom added a nice textual contrast with it’s somewhat crunchy/somewhat scallop-like feel.


Main Courses 2: Sous Vide Turkey Breast with Smoked Parsnip Purée, Asparagus and Turkey Stuffing wrapped in Savoy Cabbage. I’m not a fan of roasted turkey or chicken– but that said– this tasted exactly like roasted turkey, if not better. The good thing about sous viding the turkey is that it retained all the moisture and flavor, hence resulting in a super tender, super flakey and very moist turkey breast. My favorite part on the plate –as is always the case when I’m served roast turkey– was the cranberry sauce.


Main Courses 3: Pan Seared Cod with Creamy Leek Mousse, Cauliflower and deep fried leeks on top.  To say this cod was nothing short of phenomenal would still be a gross understatement. This cod was sheer perfection. The cook on the fish was perfect, as the skin was crispy but the flesh was flakey yet glistening; the creamy leeks were nicely seasoned, the cauliflower added a nice crunch and the deep fried leeks gave it a sprinkle of some perfectly golden-browned caramelized crispiness. This piece of cod might just have been the best piece of cod I have ever had.


Dessert 1: Glazed Cranberry Cake with Eggnog. I don’t consume alcohol, so I had to pass on the eggnog, which most certainly took away from the dessert. However, I must commend the cake for still being very moist and buttery; and I especially liked how the cranberries were not overkill. 


 Dessert 2:  Seasonal Mix Fruit, for the boring, drab people watching their weight and looking for a no-sugar-added option. I fearlessly roll my eyes in judgement at you lot. Stop being the Grinch and eat some proper dessert, seriously.


Price: AED 295 for 3 courses (1 starter, 1 main, 1 dessert), or AED 345 for 4 courses (add another starter). Both options include free flow of water, and 2 mocktails.

This menu will be served from the 1st till 23rd of December, and if there’s one festive menu I’m really looking forward to revisiting, it’s this one at Intersect By Lexus. Highly recommended.


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