Katana Osusume Friday Brunch

November 5, 2016 , Haiya

I’m currently recovering from my second cold in one month, and by that I mean by tastebuds are finally back and I was ready to dive into some sushi. Perfect timing, because yesterday I was booked in to try out the Osusume Friday Brunch at Katana today–yay!


Now I won’t drone into too many details on Katana, because I’ve posted about them before, which you can read here.


Without further ado, I’ll cut to the chase and talk about what we had. First of all the menu was pretty decently sized. All the offerings fit on one page, and we weren’t overwhelmed but still had plenty of options to pick from.

Here’s what we had:


There were 5 different starters to choose from, but I wanted to save room for my favorite things, which meant of course I had to have the Garden Salad. I simply love the ginger miso dressing on this, but I can’t help but feel it was better the last time I went.



If there’s one thing I can never ever turn down, it’s anything that comes off of a Robata. What I really loved was the serving portions. Only one skewer (or two pieces) of each item were served at a time, which meant that you didn’t have to worry about wasting food you don’t like–or worse, stuff it down your throat.



We ordered more of whatever we liked, which included the Gyu (Angus beef with Soy tare), the Negima (chicken), and the Sake (King salmon with soy tare. The Tomorokoshi (yuzu shiso butter corn) was also beautifully done but that was enough butter for one day.



The only part that bothered me was the wait. Whenever we asked for second helping of anything, the wait was usually so long that halfway into the wait I decided I don’t even really want said dish anymore.



Of course, when you go for Japanese, you’ve got to have at least some sushi right? My favorite was the Ebi Jalapeno.


On to the mains now; the Jidori free-range chicken with ginger relish and yuzu pepper was so crispy on the outside it could easily pass off as fried, and super tender on the inside. This was one of those cases that you really enjoy eating the skin. This was excellent.



A. I was really in the mood for salmon and B. Who wouldn’t be, when the salmon is done as beautifully as it always is at Katana? Only a fool. This “Umami salmon” had skin so crispy it could easily have been a cracker, and the glistening flesh so flakey and beautifully seasoned that I couldn’t decide whether to savor it or to wolf it down.


Quite possinly the most popular dish at Katana: The Yakiniku or short ribs. I don’t think I even need to write a thousand words to describe this picture.



I clicked my heels with joy when the colorful dessert platter came, for it was packed with so many goodies! My least favorite bit was the mango cheesecake, but M and I were making sand angels as soon as we tried the Green Tea Sesame ice-cream Roll Cake; you guys cannot possibly understand how awesome it was unless your’e matcha-sesame junkies like us!



Of course I has to request more of those delectable coconut macarons too! The one thing I wasn’t impressed by was the regressive decoration of all the desserts, especially the brownies. I was also wiping the sugary discs and chocolate icing off of the macarons.



Last but not the least, of course we had to conclude the meal with some Matcha tea (which is one of the many reasons I love Katana), and this lychee sorbet.


The price of this brunch is AED 299/pax for the non-alcoholic package, and this is a nice, low-key, laid-back brunch for those who want fresh, made-to-order Japanese food that just keeps coming.

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