Kenwood PureJuice Product Review

December 20, 2016 , Haiya

I received this Kenwood PureJuice JMP600WH Slow Press Juicer as a gift from the Kenwood GCC team, however all the opinions expressed within are my own. 


Recently, I acquired a Kenwood PureJuice Slow Press Juicer. which -might I add- is my first independent juicer. I’m no stranger to juicers and juice extractors, my mom and grandma always had them, but I just chose never to get one because (a) they’ve a pain to clean and (b) ain’t nobody got space for such luxuries in a one bed apartment in Dubai.



What’s great about the Kenwood PureJuice:

  • It’s tiny! I clicked my heels with joy when I saw how little counter space it requires. Heck, it takes up even less space than a blender! *Note to self: love blender less now.*
  • Slow and Steady. Another (and perhaps bigger) reasons to love the Kenwood PureJuice include the fact that its a “slow” juicer, and hence squeezes out a lot more juice out of a fruit and vegetable than a normal juice extractor would and maintains more nutrition. What I understand from this is that while normal juice extractors obliterate the fruit/vegetable with a fast-moving blade, the Kenwood PureJuice uses a heavy ceramic weight to crush and squeeze the juice out of the fruit/vegetable, hence producing a lot more juice and a much drier “waste”.
  • Dry waste. One of the reasons I never got a juicer before was because I hated all the fibre that goes to waste and preferred to blend my fruits/vegetables into a smoothie/pulpie. As a result, I ended up drinking a lot less raw fruits and veggies because  -frankly- smoothie bowls are a chore and a half and far more filling than I’d like them to be. With the dry “waste” produced by the Kenwood PureJuice, one can make brownies!! Light shining down from above? I think so.
  • Easy to clean. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and let’s not fall for the “just pour hot water and it self cleans” claim. It still is a juicer at the end of the day and does require that extra bit of time and effort in cleaning it out, but since there is no actual blade, all you have to work on is the strainer bit, and the bits of fibre that get stuck here and there- and by there I mean the waste disposal snout which a pain to clean.
  • Drip control. I love this small detail, it’s like a stopper at the mouth of the tap where the juice comes out of, because seriously, juice drips during that nano second it takes to empty the jug out are real- they are so, so real.
  • Strainer. Another small detail, but the strainer that perfectly balances on the jug completely strains the juice of any pulp, for the extra finicky. I personally don’t mind a little pulp.



Basic vs Pro:

  1. The only thing I don’t like about the basic version is that I have to cut the fruit up into small (or at least narrow) pieces before I can drop them into the feed tube, so I highly recommend getting the pro version instead (I have the basic version). With the pro version, you can drop in pieces of fruit as big as an entire apple, and that’s just what I want from life, really.
  2. The pro version come’s with an option to make smoothies/nice-creams, so with that in your life, you can really throw the blender out.
  3. The basic version has a white visibly plastic body which is a bit of an eyesore, whereas the pro version (while still plastic) is all sleek and sexy in it’s chrome colored attire.


Anyway, so that was my justification for how I caved and eagerly accepted (read “came home hugging box of”) a juicer, and can’t stop writing love songs to since then.


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