Mornflake Oat Brunch at Top Chef Studio

January 16, 2017 , Haiya

Anyone who has read my blog a little over 1.48 times would know that (a) I love Asian food and (b) I love breakfast. Breakfast is something I do not rush and do not skip, regardless of how late I wake up. My preferred choice of breakfast is a healthy one 9.9 times out of 10, so when I was invited to be one of the handful of influencers to attend the Oat Brunch hosted by Mornflake at the Top Chef Studio in Dubai, I was fleet of foot to make sand angels!


Fast forward to last Tuesday, as I walked into the Top Chef studio, ridiculously giddy with excitement. I actually skipped breakfast that day, because I knew a mountain of oats await!

We learnt some very interesting facts about oats and about Mornflake, for instance, Mornflake is the UK’s oldest independent oat miller, that they’re the folks who invented the steam stabilsation of oats; and how Oatbran has been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels! Truly fun facts.

At the event, we not only go to meet the truly delightful team that handles Mornflake, but also a handful of other food bloggers and influencers. Catching up over food, in a professional kitchen, is always fun. We learnt how to make a complete, 3 course meal with oats incorporated into each course, under the tutelage of Chef Thibaut Bertin. Nutritionalist Hala Barghout then shared with us healthy ingredient swaps that would turn said meal into a completely healthy one.

After plating, photographing and wolfing down our meals on what could easily pass as some of the most photogenic table settings ever, I frolicked back home with a huge goody-bag in hand filled with oats, granola, muesli and my favorite gift item ever: a recipe book.

With a bag full of oats at my disposal, I’ve become a force to be reckoned with and can’t stop whipping up one oaty breakfast or another, every single day.

Stay tuned for some delicious oat-inspired recipes to follow 🙂

Note: All pictures in this post have been provided by the photographer assigned by Mornflake. 

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