My Favorite Breakfast Supplements

January 17, 2017 , Haiya

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned within. It’s an honest account of some of my favorite supplements. 

I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day. Sometimes I even have breakfast for lunch, and for dinner. I think breakfast should be a cuisine. Pancakes, waffles, eggs, avocado toast…I mean, when is it ever a bad time to have any of these? Unfortunately, pancakes and waffles aren’t the healthiest option on a daily basis, so I try and start my day with a power breakfast bowl on the regular, packed with healthy supplements.


I got my love of breakfast from my dad. While my mom is one who scurries out of bed just in time to get ready for work, my dad wakes up a good hour and a half before he needs to leave, and treats himself to a decent breakfast every morning. When he’s feeling indulgent, he’ll make a jam and cheese toastie. On weekends, his favorite is French toast. But the usual weekday power breakfast is always packed with a whole lot of goodness, and it is from him that I learnt to appreciate the importance of breakfast and all those healthy supplements.


One common mistake people make is having a sugary cereal for breakfast. That stuff is the devil. I find that even the so-called healthy cereals and granolas that are store-bought are packed with oodles of sugar. So first things first, I make my granola at home. I love how I can totally control the sweetness in it, and all I really add is some pure maple syrup.


I like my breakfast to be cold. I can never have a warm oatmeal. I also prefer a sweeter breakfast over a savory one on most days. First off, I start with some yogurt (about 1/2- 3/4 cup), or milk (preferably non-dairy coconut milk). Next, I add some of my homemade granola or muesli, some fresh or frozen fruit, and some of my homemade raspberry chia jam. Finally, I start topping it with a bit of everything from what I like to call my “breakfast bar” of supplements.

Here’s what you’ll always find in my pantry:


This stuff is both gross (in theory and in smell), but pretty good for you. Bee Pollen is packed with nutrients, protein, vitamins, lipids, minerals and basically worth overlooking the gross-ness. the good thing is that it completely dissolves in milk/yogurt and then I can’t even taste it.


Berryfect Bilberry. This stuff is so much love that I did an entire post on it, which you can read here.


This is a Berryfect powder too, however this one has cranberry and lingonberry, and is more tart.


This Berryfect powder is very interesting. Sea Buckthorn Sea buckthorn contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and other active ingredients.


Chia seeds. These clever little buggers have made their way into my life and taken over it. My raspberry-chia jan would not exist without these.


This is a controversial one; most people argue that flaxmeal is useless because it becomes rancid very quickly and that flaxseeds should always be ground fresh. In my experience, this brand does not go rancid, even if I take months to finish a bag. I love the number of variants and flavors these come in; available at Holland and Barret.


Wheatgrass. A very, very acquired taste. Here’s my secret to make this go down easier: mix it in yogurt. also available at Holland & Barret, and now a taste that I’ve acquired so much that I find myself craving it with breakfast.


Eatless is a spinach extract powder that acts as an appetite suppressant. Does it work? Yes. It curbs your desire for sugar, and carbs, but I find myself craving fatty things like cheese after I eat this. If you’ve gotten used to wheatgrass, this won’t be a challenge; just mix it with some yogurt and gulp down.


This stuff is my drug. Two parts PPB, one part water, and I swear it tastes like the real deal, only 70% lower in fat! I add a little extra water, and make it into a more syrup-like consistency so that I can drizzle it on my breakfast. Sometimes, I even mix Berryfect Bilberry into this! You can find this at Holland & Barrett.

What’s always in your pantry or your breakfast bowl?


  1. I´m like you and your dad- there is nothing better than breakfast! You are so right about the killer sugary cereals, no no and no. So much better option to make your own. Berryfect Seabuckthorn that you mentioned, has saved me and my family from many troubles here in the air-conditioned environment and back home during the coldest winter. Just mix sea buckthorne (or powder) with olive oil and your mucous membranes thank you. Need to try the Bee Pollen- From where do you buy it?

    1. Hey Hanna! Thanks so much for the Sea Buckthorn tip! You can find Bee Pollen by Balqees Honey, or the much cheaper but equally good version I get from Union Co-Op!

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