Street Nights DXB | Dubai Food Fest

March 26, 2017 , Haiya

Unless you’ve spent the last four days asleep, you definitely know how romantically gorgeous the weather has been of late. When you grow up in the desert, thunder, lightning and rain welcomed and celebrated rather than dreaded. The last weekend has almost been a last hurrah to send the winter off in the best way possible. I couldn’t help but think back to Street Nights DXB last month, which also surprised us with overcast skies and an extremely memorable evening.

Street Nights DXB was a weekend-long celebration of Food Trucks, as part of the Dubai Food Fest 2017. If you live in Dubai and are fond of Food Trucks, then you must already be familiar with Truckers DXB and even Last Exit, but Street Nights was a like an amplified version of the two, with more food trucks in one venue than I’ve ever seen before!

I went to Street Nights with my friend Judy, only a few hours after attending the Chef’s Table with Geoffrey Zakarian at Ruya. As soon as we got there, it started drizzling, and we took refuge under the shake of the Sirloin & Sons, and we warmed up with 72-hour smokes beef short ribs that practically fell apart on contact and oozed with richness and flavor.

Before we knew it, we started running into other influencers/friends, which was perfect because this allowed us to join forces and try more things with zero to no wastage.

Let’s talk about some my favorite trucks there now, shall we?

Fit was an interesting truck, because these guys made healthier versions of otherwise indulgent foods. They even had an organic cola with only natural sweeteners.

Totally unexpected, there was even a stall by Mazina of The Address Dubai Marina, serving up fresh dim sum!

These guys are serving up pizza baguettes, but I only tried their black lemonade and it was easily the best black lemonade I’ve had in Dubai.

It was literally just black lemonade and didn’t taste like bland, lemony charcoal water (as is the case in most places)

Next up: my absolute favorite food truck, always. Pakistrani soul food at Moti Roti.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken? Yes please! I love a good char.

Wingsters are another favorite and never ever disappoint. My husband’s favorite thing about that (in addition to the succulent wings, of course), is that they always give you gloves, so you don’t have to worry about sticky, stinky hands afterwards.

Barring pakoras and karak chai, there’s nothing more perfect on a rainy day than a toasted grilled cheese sandwich!

Last but not the least, “Hooked” served us one of my favorite things: baos!

I love the food truck culture in Dubai especially since they’re so hygienic, but who am I kidding, Dubai keeps giving us a million and one reasons to love her.