Matto Dubai

April 6, 2017 , Haiya

.Matto are the perfect example of marketing done well. There are some hits and some misses on the menu, but within just two months of opening, a lot of people have either already been to Matto, have heard of Matto, and/or want to go to Matto, which means the awareness aspect gets a big fat tick mark. The PR did a good job in getting the word out and people in the door, but how does the food fare?

Matto is a rustic, casual trattoria with a contemporary twist, in The Oberoi Dubai. There’s lots of unpolished wood, rustic tableware, and then -the sharply (but pleasantly) contrasting- very sophisticated and fancy drinks’ glasses. We were warmly welcomed by a flamboyant server who nearly broke into song and dance (literally), and shown to a sun-kissed table by the window.

Enough ramblings, let’s talk about what we ate!

Tortino Di Carciofi. /this was an artichoke cake with pecorino cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic. This was truly impressive, both in terms of appearance and execution.

I was very excited to order these hand-cut truffle fries in a crispy parmesan basket. Sadly, they fell short of my expectations by a good mile. The truffle had been used far too sparingly, and the shoestring fries were soft and limp. Quite disappointing.


The tuna tartare was rich and indulgent, and even though I wiped the plate clean, I wish it had some acidity in it. I did love the crunch from the crumble on top.

The mains were the clear winner at Matto, starting with this spinach and ricotta stuffed crust pizza. Oh my God, you guys. Pizza is something that’s so simple yet so pleasurable if the ingredients are good, and that’s exactly what this was. Great crust, great cheese, great sauce. This pizza was utter and sheer perfection, and is officially one of the best pizzas I’ve had in Dubai!

Another winner, one which M and I were fighting for the last bite of. This Porcini and Tartufo ravioli with black truffle and parmesan cream was above and beyond perfection. The parmesan chips on top added some textural contrast and we seriously could not get enough of this dish!

The Spigolo In Crosta. Black seabass, crusted in zuchini, atop potato rosti and served with a roasted red capsicum cream. While very well-thought and executed, the flavors were ever so slightly dwarfed in comparison to the other two mains, but this was also a very impressive dish.

By the time dessert arrived, I was already well-fed, extremely happy and very impressed. Regardless, this giant ball of Ferro Rocher inspired dessert made my jaw drop.


Sadly, this one was a fail. The chocolate shell was far toot hick and frozen solid, so not only did it fail to implode with the tap of a spoon (as I would have hoped), but in fact had to be hammered at with a knife. Secondly, the chocolate mousse icecream was too rich and dense, and not something I’d want after a rich and heavy meal. Last but not the least, there was no surprise in the middle and I really wanted there to be an actual Ferro Rocher there (or at least a ball of ganache)

Overall, I was very, very impressed by Matto. The food, ambience, and service were all a treat, and I have since been unable to stop dreaming of and singing praises of that pizza!

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