Iftar at Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown

June 18, 2017 , Haiya

I was invited for this Iftar at Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown, but the opinions expressed within this post are my own.

Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year. It’s a month M and I personally truly look forward to. This Ramadan was quite different from the last though. For starters, I did zero Iftar previews. I also enjoyed eating in way more than eating out. This was mostly because I’m a year older and lazier than I was last year, but also because most Iftar buffets and set menus are quite disappointing, and I spent a lot of time creating recipe and video content for the blog and Youtube page.

While disappointment isn’t a given for every Iftar across the board, there is one particular Iftar buffet that never ever disappoints and is one I truly look forward to and click my heels in joy for. I’m talking about the Iftar at Boulevard Kitchen, in the Manzil Downtown, and when I say I look forward to this, I mean I click my heels with joy and try to gather all my friends to go with us. This is an Iftar we do not plan on rushing through, and one which we want to wear our sweatpants (under our abayas) to, because everything is so darn delicious and the variety isn’t small either.

I’m usually quite pro-small varieties, because I’m more of a quality vs. quantity person and I get overwhelmed easily. This Iftar however, is a feast from start to end, and I’ve been to the Boulevard Kitchen enough times to know my way around there. Another thing I love about Boulevard Kitchen (and The Manzil in general), is how beautifully Khaleeji it is. It’s beautifully Khaleeji, and not overly so. It doesn’t look staged. They don’t need to drape dusty red curtains and tablecloths, nor do they need to dim the lights in order to bring about an Arabesque-Ramadan feel. It all comes very naturally here.

Food is aplenty, starting with the bar of fresh juices, the expanse of salads, mezze and dips, the plethora of mains and the mountains of desserts. These guys serve up decent shawermas, luscious soups, pillow-soft breads and delectable desserts. Small details keep me going back, such as how their Arabic Gahwa is more Hijazi than Emirati (which gives it more of a cardamom flavor than coffee).

The Iftar at Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown costs AED 180 pp, all inclusive, and if there’s one iftar buffet you attend this Ramadan, this should be the one.