The Spa at Palazzo Versace Dubai

July 20, 2017 , Haiya

I know, I know, I’m a food blogger, not a lifestyle blogger. Food is my forte. But guess what? I’m still a female who likes to get pampered once in a while, and likes some me-time. On the days that I leave the kitchen and have already eaten at a restaurant and want to switch my brain off and disconnect, I like to indulge in a spa day once in a while, so I’m sharing my experience at The Spa in Palazzo Versace with all of you 🙂

Earlier this month, I was treated to a staycation at Palazzo Versace, courtesy of their marketing team. During said staycation, I also slipped away to the spa to treat my Bangkok-ruined skin to a much needed facial and some general me-time. With book in hand and bedroom slippers on my feet, I scurried off to what would become my best spa experience till date!

The Spa at Palazzo Versace has won awards for Best Spa in Dubai, and if you’ve just so much as set foot into this place, you’ll understand why. The first thing you see behind the reception as soon as you enter is the The Spa is a mother of pearl mosaic. Like every other inch of Palazzo Versace, one can get lost appreciating the art alone, for hours and hours at end.

The Spa at Palazzo Versace has 8 treatment rooms, and segregated sections for both males and females. they have a hamam, steam room, circulation shower, and hot stone recliners for you to really relax your muscles on. I laid down on one of these after my treatment, and I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed! Hotel guests have free and unlimited access to these facilities even if they don’t book an actual treatment.

The Spa at Palazzo Versace use products by Neom, Ila, and Carol Joy. They also use Moroc Moroc, in the hamam. With the Neom products, they so something called “Science for Sense Treatment”. The logic behind this is that your body knows what your mind needs. What they do is they make you smell 4 different candles, and based on the scent you feel most inclined towards, they recommend your treatment. I ended up like a scent that turned out to be called “Energize”, so they recommended a 90 minute Energize treatment to me. All I really wanted was a facial though (Bangkok-ruined skin, remember), so I went for the Crystal Skin 60 minutes facial priced at AED 600. 

After picking my treatment, I sipped on my welcome drink, which is basically mineral water jazzed up with “Vita Jewels”. The water will either be infused with rose quartz crystals, or aquamarine crystals, and you’ll have the option to pick from either/or.

To say that the dim lighting, calming music, relaxed mood and almost magical ambience of The Spa at Palazzo Versace was perfect, would be an understatement. I changed into what has to be the best, most plushy robe ever, and what I especially loved about it is that it was beige, and not white.

My facial started with the specialist gently washing my feet in lukewarm, rose-petal infused water, using sea-salt as a natural exfoliator. It was unreal how instantly and entirely relaxed I felt. I couldn’t help but notice that the pattern on the wall inside the treatment room was made to look like sand dunes. Like everything else in the hotel, the design team behind The Spa had clearly put a lot of thought into making the ambience nothing short of perfect.

My 60 minutes facial used products by Dr.Burgeoned, and involved the following steps:

  1. Rehydrating cleaning milk for make-up removal and facial cleansing
  2. Purity Toner
  3. Exfoliation using a bamboo face scrub
  4. Steam
  5. Removal of bamboo scrub
  6. Deep-cleansing of blackheads and impurities
  7. Purity Toner again
  8. Collagen booster for rehydration
  9. Purity mask
  10. During the mask, the relaxation was taken to the next level with a head and shoulder massage
  11. Removal of mask with a warm mitt
  12. Purity toner again
  13. Collagen booster again
  14. Anti-wrinkle eye gel
  15. And finally, Hydra anti-wrinkle face cream.

My therapist was Jamrieng. She was absolutely wonderful, and guess what: she was Thai, so I couldn’t help but love her more for that 🙂

After my treatment, I lazed on one of the hot-stone recliners for at least half an hour. The only negative in The Spa at Palazzo Versace is that there was no drinks table next to the recliner, which I would put my tea and nuts on. The tray with my tea was placed right next to my legs, which made me feel confined and cautious not to knock it over.

The Spa at Palazzo Versace was well-equipped with all the essential grooming products, and the rest were available upon request. I fully enjoyed my shower with Ila products. This was legitimately such an amazing spa experience that I can’t stop missing it and will need to somehow find funds to regularly go back.


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