Coco JJ – Bangkok’s Most Famous Coconut Ice-Cream

August 1, 2017 , Haiya

The one place I surely wanted to visit in Chatuchak Weekend Market, was the JJ Coco kiosk that has attainted international fame by now. If I’m completely honest with myself, I might just realize/have to admit that the biggest reason I went to Bangkok was to have coconut ice-cream, and lots of it.

This was the first thing I had in Bangkok, I couldn not contain my excitement when I saw the Coco JJ sign and the long queue I had read about, and  soon as I had this, I felt that I had already achieved my Bangkok trip goal. I could go back home now and it would be fine.

Watching the Coco JJ guy do his thing was mesmerizing in its own! It was almost mechanical, how efficiently and effortlessly his hands were gliding, turning customers as quick as a turntable.

Was Coco JJ better than Sangkaya? I don’t think so. However, it was a LOT cheaper, at around 40 bahts, for a young coconut half (lined with jelly and all), filled with coconut milk ice-cream to the brim, and topped with 3 toppings of choice. I picked peanuts, coconut jelly and sticky rice, and you must have the ice-cream with the toppings in order to fully enjoy it.

You can pick from one of 4 ice-cream flavors (coconut, durian, cendol pandan and thai milk tea), and 3 of 9 toppings (sweet corn, pumpkin, mung beans, barley, sticky rice, red beans, coconut jelly, palm seeds and peanuts)!

Each additional scoop of ice-cream costs 20 bahts, and each additional topping costs 5 bhats, which makes this ice-cream a ridiculously sweet deal, and this alone makes me want to fly to Bangkok again!

The quickest way find Coco JJ, is to take Exit 2 at MRT Kampaeng PhetOne of them is located at Section 1 of Chatuchak Weekend Market, in  Soi 36, but the have several of these throughout the market due to growing demand.

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