Spa Day at Palace Downtown

August 1, 2017 , Haiya

Procrastinating on the long list of pending blog posts can be exhausting, and one can use that as an excuse for needing a Spa Day. I’ve never been much of a spa hopper, but ever since I tried The Spa at Palazzo Versace, I have developed a new infatuation, with something other than food for a change. This weekend, I tried out the Spa Day at Palace Downtown, which is one of my favorite properties in town, as we share quite fond memories dating back to as early as when we moved to Dubai.

My friend and I decided to go for a Spa Day at Palace Downtown, which is one of their ongoing offers. with AED 700, you get lunch at Ewaan OR Afternoon Tea at Al Bayt, a 50 minute signature massage in the spa, full day pool access and a full day of spa facilities! High pitched excited shrieks? I think so. For the purpose of this review, I requested for them to let me get a facial instead of a massage, and they were kind enough to oblige.

We started off with lunch at Ewaan, where I composed a nice salad for myself with some fresh mesclun leaves, teriyaki salmon, sweet potatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano, and had it with a side of lentil soup. My friend enjoyed an array of everything, ranging from Indian through Arab to roasts and pasta, and she enjoyed every bit of it.

After lunch, we realized that Fortnum and Mason are closing their doors forever today, so we inhaled our delicious, warm, chocolate crepes which I topped with orange sorbet and fresh fruits, wiped our mouths and speed-walked over to Fortnum and Mason. Thank God for the shortcut through Souq Al Bahar, am I right? After panic-sticken shopping spree that resulted in a lighter wallet but heavier bags containing a gorgeous new tea-set and enough tea to last a year in a normal household but a month in mine, we headed back to The Palace for our spa treatments.

A very hospitable team, refreshing welcome drinks and chilled peppermint infused towels awaited us and we couldn’t have asked for a more ideal respite from the blazing hot sun we had just walked under1. We filled out the treatment forms which detailed our major concerns and how we hoped to feel by the time we left. Everyone also gets a complimentary skin analysis as well, to best assess the most suited facial for each client- except on Saturdays. On Saturdays, the skin analysis lady is off. So, I missed out on this opportunity.

My friend was recommended the well-being massage, and I went in for a much needed facial, the oxygen-brightening one, to be exact. They use four kinds of products here, Natura Bisse, Aromatherapy Associates, Voya and Themae.

If I was blindfolded and brought to this spa, I would be able to tell in an instant that said spa is The Spa at Palace Downtown. The warm Arabian hues that are iconic of Palace Downtown without being excessively ornate are a perfect representation of what an ideal location Palace Downtown is for someone who wants to experience Arabian luxury.

We went to change out of our clothes and into our robes into a very clean, well-stocked changing area, and to stuff my Fortnum and Mason bags into a locker. I was pleased to see that they had face-wash, toner, combs and earbuds all on hand, but couldn’t help but notice that they were missing some mouthwash which I would have loved very much after my salmon lunch.

As I was going for my treatment which was part of the Spa Day at Palace Downtown, I couldn’t help but notice the Oriental Hamam, which offers a combination of Moroccan and Turkish techniques.

Of the many things I loved about the treatment room, my favorite was the fact that the treatment bed was temperature controlled, and that our therapist (a wonderful Thai lady named Saranya who also told me the ingredients that go into the secret Miang Kham sauce (!) that M and I can’t seem to get enough of since our recent trip to Bangkok) kept asking me if I’m comfortable with the temperature of the room.

My Oxygen Brightening Facial (priced at AED 550 for 50 minutes) used Natura Bisse products, and included the following steps:

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Cleansing
  3. Warm mitt
  4. Application of fruit acid peel, containing 25% AHA
  5. Oxygen serum
  6. The most relaxing neck and shoulder massage
  7. Then the peel was removed with a cold towel
  8. Application of oxygen finishing mask, which rehydrates, nourishes, brightens and is also good for anti-aging
  9. Very relaxing head massage. The only negative is that I felt the right side of my hair being tugged at more than my left, which was giving the left side of my head a major case of “fear of missing out”, haha.
  10. Oxygen mask was then removed, using a warm mitt
  11. Toner
  12. Moisturizer
  13. UV protection
  14. Eye cream
  15. Brief head and neck massage, finished off with an even briefer foot rub.

My friend got the 50 minute Well-being Massage, which is applies soft to medium pressure, is good for detox and lymphatic drainage, anti-aging, sensitive skin and calming. They use rose oil which has hints of amber and musk.

After our treatments, we went for a dip in the jacuzzi…

….took a shower with some peppermint ice scrub!

….walked by the steam room…

…and then retired to the relaxation lounge where we sipped on warm Apricot tea, munched on nuts and dates, and were brought warm lavender scented heat-packs for our shoulders.

The recliners in the relaxation lounge were also adjustable via remote control, which made me want to leave absolutely never.

I read my book for a couple of hours before having to go home, and decided that I need to do a Spa Day at Palace Downtown more often.

Tea was served in exquisite silverware, reminding me of how luxurious every experience at Palace Downtown really is.

Possibly the best part is that a few of their treatments are even included in the Entertainer two for one offers, so The Spa at Palace Downtown is going down in my good books as a certain favorite.

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