The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

August 5, 2017 , Haiya

We don’t usually eat at any of the dining outlets at the airport, and fast-track straight to the Business Class Lounge because free sparkling water trumps everything else and bathrooms that make you feel like you’re in a nice hotel are something we have come to expect as a basic necessity after living in Dubai for a few years. Hashtag Dubailife. The last time we travelled though, I was approached by the PR company representing DXB airports, for a collaboration on the Early Birds DXB campaign. And that is how I got to try The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck.

We always leave early for the airport, simply because we have enough stress in life to even think of adding on the stress of possibly missing our flight due to whatever form of Murphey’s Law that may find its way to us. It’s common for us to get to the airport 3 hours before our flight, and to then have a relaxed (albeit not-so-delicious) meal at the Ahlan lounge. Also, I tend to buy more make-up from the Duty Free at the airport than I do from Sephora throughout the year. So, when I was asked whether I’d like to promote Early Birds DXB as I flew out for my Eid holidays, I was naturally on board.

As part of my collaboration, I was asked to dine at one of the many dining options available at the airport. I was flying out from Terminal 1, so I picked The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck. Being that this was an airport dining option, my expectations were low. Suffice to say, not only was this an extremely delicious meal for airport standards, it was also a delicious meal for Dubai standards in general- which, by the way, are very high.

The first thing M noticed and loved, was that each booth came with a power socket and USB outlets, enough for both of us to charge our laptops and phones, so we knew we can just hang out over here till it’s time for us to board our flights. The warm lighting and wooden accents in The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck made for a very cosy ambience as well.

Here’s what we had, and loved:

Quite easily one of the best Ceasar Salads ever, with a juicy piece of grilled salmon on top. the portion was huge and could easily make for a filling, gluten-free meal.

Poached eggs on sourdough with tenderloin, sausages and beautifully seasoned roasted potatoes.

Cookies with vanilla milk. The milk was unnecessarily sweet, and shouldn’t have been so because it should help wash the cookies down. I did love the cookies though.

A week ago, I travelled again, and got declined from accessing the Ahlan lounge because my credit had expired and I was cluelessly unaware. Rather than being disappointed, I happily skipped over back to The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, and had another Ceasar Salad! I highly reccommend this place if you find yourself at Terminal 1 in DXB.

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