35 of the Best Things to eat in Kuala Lampur (KL)!

August 25, 2017 , Haiya

I love Malaysia. It is — in my justifiable opinion–the best Far Eastern country for a foodie seeking Halal options. Whether I want Malay food or Thai, or Taiwanese or Korean, I feel like Malaysia can supply with me with as authentic versions as I can possibly find in Halal form. I’ve complied a list of 35 of the best things to eat in Kuala Lampur, and this list will probably keep growing!  All these delicious items can be commonly found, and if not, I have hyperlinked where you can find them.

1.  Bungeoppang, or fish cones! This Instagram dictated that I try one asap!

2. A Fried Kway Teow. Packed with juicy prawns, chili flakes and flat noodles, this dish really hits the spot. This one is from Asia Cafe.

3. Salted egg yolk fish eggs. Just trust me and go for these. These fried goodies taste a LOT better than they sound. These were also from Asia Cafe.

4. Sting Ray with Sambal and fried okra! SO good! Also from Asia Cafe.

5. Bubur Ayam with salted or tea boiled egg. This one has a salted egg. Bubur Ayam is a savory rice porridge, and a breakfast staple in KL. You can find this very commonly, even places like McDonald’s serve basic versions.

6. Salted egg yolk anything, really! These salted egg yolk prawns at Celestial Court in the  Sheraton Imperial were to die for!

7. Anything Pandan! Pandan as a flavoring is to Malaysia and Singapore what dates are to the Middle East, or Mangoes are to India and Pakistan. You can find pandan-flavored sweets, cakes and desserts just about everywhere. This cake right here was actually at Cameron Highlands!

8. Kaya Toast and soft boiled eggs with Kopi. I recommend Old Town Coffee, or Ka Fei Dian for this.

9. All the coconut water!

10. Roselle Juice! KL has so many fresh juices to offer, but roselle is a flavor that I got to try for the very first time on my last visit! You can find these easily at a Pasar Malam.

11. ALL the juices, really. Even the more expensive, hipsteresque places are serving up some very delicious blends.

12. Chinese Tea. So here’s what’s really strange: green tea is not as common a menu item in KL as it is in Dubai, and what you do find, is usually insanely sweet. This Chinese tea at Koong Woh Tong in Sunway Pyramid Mall, however, was UNBELIEVABLY strong and bitter. So strong, that I couldn’t even finish it. I want you to try it just because I want you to see what I mean. It’s super cheap, at around AED 1.5 per cup, so at least you won’t get an ulcer from the bill.

13. A good ol’ cup of Kopi. Malaysian and Singaporean Kopi is quite unlike any other. It’s VERY strong, and sweetened with condensed milk.

14. Peanut butter thick toast, kaya butter toast and kopi from Toast Box. Just watching the guy make your coffee is enough of an experience, but there is something extraordinary about the ratio of peanut butter to the thickness of the bread. Also, if you look closely, you’ll se a very thick slab of butter layered onto the kaya toast…..this is a breakfast like no other!

15. Honeydew Melon Milk Tea with Aloe Vera Chunks. This is the most heavenly milk tea combination I’ve ever had. Try to have it from Chatime.

16. Tom Yum Steam boat from Johnny’s Steamboat. Read all the details on this steal of a deal here.

17. Balinese Food. There’s a place called Ole Ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid Mall, that is overpriced and the service is lacking, but the food keeps me going back.

18. Deep Fried Cuttlefish. If you want to look daring to your friends back home, and try some street food at a Pasar Malam, this is actually a totally safe play.

19. Baby Pineapples! Because just LOOK at how cute they are!

20. The funky, artificially-flavored but super realistic-tasting jellies. Just look for the neon colored stuff in super markets or at a Pasar Malam.

21. Kaya. This is an eggy, coconutty, custard-like spread that is best enjoyed when spread over toasted bread and generously layered with salted butter. This is the best souvenir you can bring back for your foodie friends.

22. Coconut Jelly inside coconut shells. Self explanatory.

23. Nasi Lemak inside a banana leaf. The banana leaf is multipurpose, as it not only adds flavor and acts as a plate, but it’s also the container securing the food till you’re ready to eat it! I love how eco-friendly that is!

24. A Good Chow Mein.

25. Everything raddish. From raddish cakes, to stir-fried raddish, this flatulence causing vegetable is deliciously cooked in KL!

26. Coconut Icecream. The coconut ice-cream at Sangkaya is served inside the coconut shell, and topped with toasted peanuts, and other toppings of choice!

27. Nasi Lemak Ayam, preferabbly with (an iced or regular) Teh Tarik. Nasi Lemak is Malaysia’s most well-known (and possibly national?) dish. Boiled rice, a piece of fried chicken, fried egg, peanuts, anchovies, sambal and cut cucumbers. This is a perfect meal!

28. A Roti Bun. These buttery buns are almost hollow inside and I could easily down 5 of these in a go! For best results, pair it with some Teh Tarik!

29. Cajun Shrimps from Bubba Gump, if you’re crazy enough to want a break from the mad awesome Malaysian flavors.

30. Tea Boiled Eggs. M loves these. LOVES.

31. Refreshing Soy Milk. We loved the chilled cups we got from China Town.

32. Everything Matcha and Coconut, like these donuts. JCo has some really unique flavors.

33. ALL the steamed buns. From curry buns to coconut buns, the bakeries in KL make me feel like a pug in a tulip field!

34. Nasi Goreng with Teh Tarik. Just as popular as the Nasi Lemak, Nasi Gorend is actually fried rice.

35. Mamak Food. It’s unbelievable how cheap food is in these 24-hour, cafeteria style restaurants. Food here is Indian-Malay , and absolutely delicious. Our favorite Mamak to head to is called ABC.