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October 14, 2017 , Haiya

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly enjoy a spa experience quite as much as I enjoyed the ones at Palazzo Versace and Palace Downtown, boom, Iridium Spa happened, and made serious contender for Best Spa in Dubai!

After a supremely disappointing spa experience at Address Mongtomerie and surprisingly mediocre one (albeit with a GREAT massage) at Armani Hotel, Iridium Spa caught me by very pleasant surprise and I simply did not want to go home. Everything I look for in a spa was perfect over here. There were areas which were lacking, but not the ones that matter to me anyway.

The reception area, where I was given a form to fill with my requirements around which the bespoke massage would have been handcrafted, wasn’t the most impressive (just two chairs and a table, placed in the awkward, unlit hallway between Toni & Guy and the spa facilities), but I was brought a most delicious cup of Avantcha caramel tea, and a refreshing lavender towel, so I was sold.

I was then led to the changing room, where I was faced with my first hurdle: the lockers were really small. Not only were they small, but their layout inside made it impossible for me to place my laptop bag, bag, shoes, clothes and camera (ok, maybe I did have too much luggage) inside the locker without having to pile things on top of each other. This was quickly made up for by the facts that (a) the slippers fit me and weren’t size 49 and (b) the robe was super luxe!

On my way to my bespoke treatment, I eyed the relaxation lounge and clicked my heels with joy. It was perfect! The recliners, the lighting, the throws, all the crystal- this was a relaxation lounge straight out of my dreams!

Like The Spa at Armani Hotel, pricing here is done based on how long the treatment room is booked for, and treatments are tailored to your preference, and can be modified/extended even after the treatment has started, depending on availability. I was booked in for a 60 minute treat priced at a very competitive AED 590, and I would happily pick Iridium Spa over many others and happily boot the extra AED 40-50 for the added perks and luxe treatment.

The treatment room was a beautiful one, with mother of pearl tile work on the floor, and on the walls in the shower (that’s right, the treatment room has it’s own shower!).

My treatment started with my feet being rinsed in warm soapy water in a tub containing marbles, and I exaggerate not, I felt instantly relaxed by that alone.

The massage bed was easily the best I’ve ever been on. Not only was it adjustable and temperature controlled (as most are), but it was super cushy! I didn’t feel like I’m laying on a pleather massage table with a thin sheet on top, and the BEST part was that unlike the usual sheet, I was covered with a quilt! Warmt-loving self was super snug and super happy.

My therapist was an absolute pro, and hands down the best masseuse I’ve come across in Dubai. She was proactively informative and make me feel very comfortable, not just in the physical sense, but also in the affirmative sense that I’m in good hands. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she actually used to be a trainer at her previous job.

The products used for the treatment were by Asper. They’re all natural essential oils, that work on healing the body. We started off by oil sniffing (for lack of a better term), and the logic behind it is that the fragrance I find most appealing is what my body needs, as simple as that. There were a total of 6 oils to pick from, but I was offered only two, based on what the end goal of the treatment was. The end goal was to destress and feel less old and creaky, in case you’re wondering. The oil my body was inclined towards was a blend of rose, geranium, lavender, and sandalwood.

One distinguishable detail I noticed was that when I laid myself upside down, right below my face were iris crystals, rather than the abyss of the floor. This is an Iridium Spa standard.

The treatment overall was extremely relaxing. It started with inhalation and exhalation of the oil I chose, followed by the best massage ever. After my back massage, a hot compress was placed on my back, and when I turned over, my eyes were covered too. Words cannot describe how relaxed I felt. I’m pretty sure I was snoring.

I could’ve slept there for the next 12 hours, but I was only booked in for 60 minutes, so I relocated to the Relaxation Lounge. The decor was very Beaux-arts meets Victorian, and there wasn’t a single flaw with it.

I picked some Bali tea, grabbed a bottle of bottle, brought out my book that seems to come out only when I go to spas, and sank into the super plush couch/recliner. I did not want to go home. Ever.

Pros of Iridium Spa: Everything. From the expert masseuse to the facilities, to the amenities, everything was perfect.

Cons of Iridium Spa: The hot tub is a potential health hazard, and the lockers are far too small. The choice of loud Arabic music in the restroom was a total misfit compared to the calm in the rest of the spa, and quite zen-ruining.

Overall, Iridium Spa was a solid 9/10 for me, and will definitely be a top choice for repeat visits! Cannot recommend this spa highly enough. They truly live up to the St.Regis promise.

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