Iridium Spa St. Regis Dubai Polo Club

January 28, 2018 , Haiya

Hi friends! Hope you all had a productive week 🙂 Those of you who are following me regularly on Instagram must have noticed that I’ve been attending Aquaspin classes on the regular. Because I’m trying to transition back into the world of physical activity and exercise after many years of lazy couch-slothing, my muscles have been achy, and I therefore decided to reward myself for my efforts by heading to Iridium Spa St. Regis Dubai Polo Club for a massage.

Reception at Iridium Spa St. Regis Dubai Polo Club

I did not pay for this treatment in cash, as I was invited there, but as always my opinions will remain 100% honest. All images used in this post have also been taken by me.

Seating are next to the entrance, where we filled out our forms.

Iridium Spa St. Regis Polo Club is, as the name suggests located at the St.Regis Polo Club. I’ve been there once before to try their Iftar buffet, and went again yesterday. The property is very different from it’s sister property in Al Habtoor City, with heavy focus on wooden accents, leather, and Arabian motifs, as opposed to the more “New York Socialite from the 1920’s” feel you get from Iridium Spa St. Regis Al Habtoor City.

All products used here are by Espa, which are 98-100% made of all natural ingredients.


Welcome tea and chilled, fragranced towels, something to always look forward to when going to a spa.

For the 60 minute signature massage my friend and I chose, we had the options of 7 oils to pick from. As the rule goes, the fragrance you are most gravitated towards is the one your body most needs. I picked the detox oil, which had juniper and cypress.

Wide variety of Spa products you can purchase on your way out.

Spacious. clean, well-lit and well-stocked locker room.

Every amenity you could need was available on hand. None of the “available upon request” nonsense. One of the things I haven’t previously seen at any other spa, but was available here, were disposable contact lens containers, should you need some!

I also liked that the lockers were long enough to hang dresses or abayas in, which another oversight I’ve witnesses in many spas. A short, crammed locker really annoys me.

Unlike most spas, the lockers were purposely made to give off a rustic look, with attention paid to details like the lockers having keys rather than combinations.

There is a refreshment bar right outside the sauna, steam room, ice fountain and experiential shower.

Sauna, steam room, experiential shower and the ice fountain (which was sadly not working that day)

The couples’ treatment room was very welcoming. Both my friend and I had the 60 minute signature massages here, tailored to our individual needs.

The massage was quite easily one of the best I’ve ever had, and my therapist Sharon was an absolute star. Very friendly, welcoming, informative and receptive to my needs.

The couples’ treatment room can have it’s curtains drawn, or can allow for a view of the polo grounds, and the sunshine to spill in.

The sink inside the treatment room.

The treatment started with having our feet soaked and washed in lukewarm, lavender-scented soapy water. Sheer luxury and pampering from the get go!

After our treatments, we relaxed on the recliners for a while, which, in their sleek, modern design and paired with IKEA side tables, looked a little out of place in the otherwise clearly equestrian club spa. Nevertheless, they were quite comfortable.

If you find yourself in the Dubailand neck of the woods, do not hesitate to head over to Iridium Spa St. Regis Dubai Polo Club.


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