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February 12, 2018 , Haiya

You won’t believe what happened last Thursday. I peeled myself off of my couch and went out with some friends. Our destination for  Calorie Consumption was carefully chosen, as there was no room for even possibly regrettable food. I aqua-spin way too hard to throw caution to the wind. We went to Weslodge Saloon.

Since they day they opened their doors in Dubai, Weslodge Saloon have been one of my favorite establishments in Dubai. Consistency (in quality of food, service, music, etc.) is something lots of restaurants in Dubai struggle with, but Weslodge Saloon have managed to stay on top of the game.  From the honest to God, simple, delicious comfort food which offers a modern take on North American classics, to the stunning Burj and Downtown views from the 68th floor to the elegant rock and roll chic decor to the upbeat music, what’s not to love, really?

I received an invite to drop by Weslodge Saloon, as Weslodge Global Head Chef Ben Heaton was in town and in the house. It was an absolute honor, and most certainly worth changing to of my PJs and pausing Netflix for. Global Head Chef dropped by to say hi to us, and I assured him that Dubai Head Chef Ryan Allen is taking good care of his baby and Weslodge Saloon is in good hands. I know he didn’t need my validation, but I just had to do it. Traditional techniques like brining, salt-curing, smoking and grilling are done just right over here, and it’s those little details that add the “oomph” factor to any dish!

Our server was the most delightful young lady, who was clearly very passionate about her job and about Weslodge Saloon. A happy, motivated employee is always a good sign. She was also well-versed on the menu and ingredients in each of the dishes.

Here’s what we had that night:

The Baja Fish Tacos weren’t the best I’ve had (believe it or not, but the best fish tacos I’ve had in Dubai are in this little hole in the wall called Mr.Crab), but they were good nonetheless. I would have loved for the tortillas to have some grill marks on them, I always love a little char. This was priced at AED 53.

Crispy fried calamari because we had an Italian on the table. This was, hands down, the best calamari I’ve ever had. It was so crispy that it was crunchy, and even after it was no longer warm, it still didn’t become soggy or feel oily. What we especially loved were the paper-thin slices of lemon, which were also dipped in the same batter and deep fried. Paired with the chipotle aioli, this was an extremely delightful appetizer, and a steal for AED 42!

We read truffle, mushrooms and burrata together and blanked out. Had to order this, and so glad we did. The crostini had that beautiful chat from grill marks (which I wished the tacos had had too), the burrata was luscious and creamy and the mushrooms were done 3 ways: grilled, sautéed and raw. This was a definite winner, and one for the encore list. Price: AED 69.

I could not get enough of these charcoal grilled wings. The smokiness, the char, the Adobo chili, jalapeño, apple & celery slaw…..this was the best plate of wings I have ever had in my life and one for the books! Price: AED 53

Yes, I am that person who has to try the salmon everywhere she goes. I don’t know if it was just dwarfed in comparison to the rest of the dishes, but this (although perfectly cooked, still glossy on the inside) salmon received the least attention and affection from the table. Price: 137.

Easily the weakest link of the meal: the creamed corn. Too sweet, not well-rounded enough, and simply forgettable. I’ve been a tough critic of all creamed corn ever since I had the life-changingly phenomenal creamed corn at La Cantine du Faubourgh. THAT is how creamed corn should be done, and if you haven’t tried it already, you should.Price: AED 32.

I need a moment. This steak deserves a standing ovation. An anthem. Hand on heart. Complete respect. This cow died for a GOOD cause. This was the BEST darn steak I have EVER had. Dear GOD, this was PERFECT. Juicy, charred, tender, flaky sea salt, sublime chimichurri, luscious truffle butter…you guys, this was worth AED 294, especially since it was a whopping 450 grams! Go to Weslodge Saloon, order this, thank me later.

I also desperately wanted to steal this steak knife/murder weapon, but I didn’t because I don’t do that . Weslodge, if you’re reading this, please let me have one of these! Or, open a merchandise store!

Blekh. Cauliflower. Not only my least favorite flower, but way too healthy/unattractive of an option compared to all the other awesomeness on the table. My weight-conscious friends however, loved it.Price AED 37.

Now THIS was the real MVP, and had all my attention. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, The Best Onion Rings in Dubai (and quite possibly the world). Even after they had cooled down, they were still crunchy on the outside, and did not taste like sponges of oil. Because I had so many, I also picked up the little detail that took these to the next level: the onions had been marinated in vinegar! YUM! A steal at AED 27!!

The Southern Fried Chicken did not disappoint. Chicken: juicy and tender, batter: crispy, picked: check, aioli: check, maple drizzle: check.

We doubled down on the Double Down. With a brownie and skillet baked cookie both in one, topped with vanilla ice-cream, this was a good one. Price: AED 53.

Last but not the least, the Weslodge Hot Fudge Sundae. Exactly what it sounds like, the chocolate and banana loving population would love this at AED 48.

The menu is priced very reasonably, the food does not disappoint, and Weslodge Saloon Dubai continues to remain of of the places I recommend most often to friends looking for a good time and good music at a place that doesn’t compromise on flavors and doesn’t cost a kidney.

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