Food Blogger

Hi, my name is Haiya

I am an obsessive compulsive food enthusiast and social media influencer on a mission to eat and recreate everything I come across. When I am not busy stuffing my face or cooking up a storm, I can be found making carpet/floor angels at cookware and serveware stores in Dubai. This blog is not all about dim sum, but rather about the joy of sharing food/sharing the joy of food. An instant -almost humanity restoring- bond is formed as soon as we offer to share our meals with each other, and I think we all need more of that in our lives.
Over time, the blog has evolved (as have I), and I have also started sharing my views and knowledge on hotels, travel, and other aspects of food-related experiences for I have discovered the joy in sharing more than just food.


Food Styling

Everyday, I engage in anywhere between 45 minutes of 3 hours to tip-toe squats and painful neck bends, in (often successful) efforts to style and photograph food from all angles.

Hotel and Restaraunt Reviews

I will eat just about everything and report back to you, so that (a) you don’t have to and (b) I have no regrets of missing out. I’ll only sleep in luxury hotels though because that’s where I draw the line.

Recipe Development

If you’re an ingredient, I will bathe you, powder you up, put you in a blender or on a pan (or both), dress you up and turn you into something utterly delicious.