Address Boulevard- A City Lifestyle Resort in Dubai

July 21, 2017 , Haiya

This stay at Address Boulevard was not self-paid. Regardless, the opinions within this post are entirely my own. 

I just got back from a trip to Bangkok and after a week of pure and utter adventure, which felt quite like the Amazing Race, with curveballs, detours and roadblocks, all in the quest for pork-free food, I was happy to come back home. I was happy to come back to the land of shower bidets, free-wifi with no strings attached, and english-speaking masses.

I realized that the book-reading-with-feet-up-and-coconut-in-hand that I so badly craved to do on vacation might just be best achieved at home, on my recliner, with a cup of tea instead of the coconut because let’s be real- coconuts mostly require two hands to hold.

As is habitual, I always leave my apartment sparkly clean before I travel, because nobody wants to come home to a mess. Despite those best efforts though, within only a day of getting back, my apartment looked like a tornado had whirled through it, thanks to the unpacking and cycles of the 30 kilos of laundry that had accumulated over the holiday.

Only one day in though, I was seriously ready to go for another holiday, but in no mood to get on a plane or pack for an extended period of time again -quite frankly, nor did I have that kind of budget. It was time to embrace Dubai. It was time to embrace the summer offers. It was time for a staycation. Two sets of clothes and some PJs into the carry-on and we were on our way to the newly opened Address Boulevard in Downtown Dubai.

I’ve been to The Address Boulevard a couple of times before, once to try their absolutely stunning The Restaurant, and another time to have one of the best iftars of the season at their ballroom. This time, I was ready to soak in the full experience and boy oh boy was I excited. I’ve stayed at The Address Dubai Marina , so I knew I could expect some very high standards, and I also knew my expectations would be exceeded- and they were.

The Address Boulevard is the only hotel in Dubai with an art gallery feel. I was informed by the friendly reception staff that since I was booked into the Downtown Suite, I have the option of a 24 hour check in at the Club Lounge, so I was ushered to the 11th floor.

After getting checked in and touring and ogling over the insanely amazing Club Lounge, I was handed our room keys and we made our way to our beautiful, enormous suite.

I especially loved the decor. This was the third time I went to a hotel room and decided I’m in nom hurry to check out of this one, (the first time being Address Dubai Marina, and the second time being Waldorf Astoria RAK), but Address Boulevard now topped the list and I decided I would not mind living here for ever and ever. It was extremely “easy on the eyes”, if you may. The neutral tones of the room made it very contemporary and relaxing.

The bathroom at The Address Boulevard was the epitome of modern luxury. Let’s not forget the powder room next to the foyer in case you invite a guest over! The bathroom had his and hers sinks, a big, sparkly white bathtub with a TV (!) and a view of Dubai Mall (in my case), and a rain shower.

None of this was even surprising because I would expect nothing less than the best from The Address Boulevard. The best part though: shower bidet! YES! The little things we take for granted in the Middle East!

Be wary of what is apparently the new standard in hospitality now. You will no longer find dental and shaving kits in the toiletry box. Worry not though, they’ll be made available to you at the dial of a button, should you require any.

The minibar was as elegant as everything else. A Nespresso machine is no big deal anymore, and I’m grown to expect all Emaar hotels to stock TWG tea, but have you ever seen any other hotels stocking Lakrid’s licorice? All the glasses, tea cups espresso cups and even a teapot were neatly laid out in the drawers. Also, Address Dubai Marina and Address Boulevard are the only places I’ve ever seen Nescafe Arabic Coffee at, and I’m a total sucker for that stuff!

Believe it or not (and I can’t believe I’m actually admitting to this), but M actually took his PS4 with him to our staycation. Hear me out. He pretty much never gets a break, and I just really wanted him to relax, so if he wanted to take his PS4 with him, I wasn’t going to get in the way. I know, I know, Best Wife Award goes to me. Right after he sent his “very urgent” email, he got to setting up his PS4. It wasn’t quite connecting, so he called the IT guy, who -wait for it- replaced the TV for M. Just like that. No big deal. Standard level of Address Boulevard luxury. Customer satisfaction, check.

As is mandatory (in my books), I then put on my invisible micro-inspecting goggles and got down to business. This is something I cannot help. If it doesn’t jump out at me on it’s own, I end up involuntarily end up looking for the smallest spec of dust, the tiniest eye-last that the housekeeping may have forgotten to vacuum, or the faintest smudge on any surface. I couldn’t find a single one of these abominations anywhere in the suite. Anywhere. The suite was spotless. Cleanliness was 10/10. The next day I found some dust on the iron though, and I find that the iron is a regularly neglected item across all hotels when it comes to housekeeping. Regardless, this is the cleanest hotel I have ever stayed in.

After settling in and deciding we never ever want to leave, we had to go for dinner because hunger is real. Our reservation was at The Restaurant and we were ready for a good meal. Just like my experience in Address Dubai Marina, it seemed like the entire staff here knew my name and itinerary. It’s a small detail but makes me feel very special. Nothing starts the evening off on as sour a note as having to explain to the management who you are and why you’re there, and luckily that was far from the case at The Address Boulevard.

Dinner was absolutely wonderful. Read all about it here.

When we came back from dinner, we found the lights in our room had been dimmed and our room had been prepped for bedtime 🙂 A small detail which is a pet peeve of mine, is when hotels place cushions on top the pillows. I know those cushions aren’t washed after every guest, so it gives an unsanitary feel to me. I love that the bed at Address Boulevard was plain crisp white on white, no printed cushions.

The next morning, breakfast was again at The Restaurant, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit how excited I was for it. It was such a stunning breakfast, that you’ll have to read all about it here.

After breakfast, we went back to our suite because I just couldn’t handle going outside to explore the hotel grounds in this unbearable heat. Perhaps those taking a swim or lounging by the pool could, but I -in my hijab- could not even fathom it. After a few hours of putting my feet up, enjoying a cup of Arabic Gahwa with macarons and chocolate, I then went down to have Afternoon Tea at the lobby lounge.

Filled with delicious finger sandwiches and canapés, and fueled on exquisite tea, I decided to see just how close Dubai Mall is if I walked over using the connecting bridge. I’ll also admit I was a little anxious to check out the sale items at Bloomingdale’s. Now I didn’t exactly measure the distance, but I can tell you this much: my leisurely stroll got me to the heart of Dubai Mall in 15 minutes. If you walk faster, I’m positive you could get there sooner. I’ll post the go-pro footage of the walk on my YouTube page.

The downside of said leisurely stroll and sale-raid is that I got back to the hotel around 9:30pm, which was just too late for dinner at the Club Lounge. I was ever so disappointed by this, because I really wanted to try the food at The Club Lounge. My disappointment was soon dispelled though, because we just ordered In-Room Dining, and had a very sweet, almost romantic meal in the comfort our suite.

The next morning, I was extremely tempted to have breakfast at The Restaurant again, but decided to have Casual Hour there instead, and ordered In-Room Dining for breakfast. If I’m completely honest, I must admit I did it because I can never resist a flat-lay on those gorgeous, sun-kissed, crisp white hotel sheets!

What truly sets the IRD experience at the Address Boulevard apart, is their Launchport iPad facility.

I honestly don’t know if any other hotels offer the same facility (please comment below if you know of any!), but one of my favorite things about staying at the Address hotels is the Launchport iPads. You can not only control the AC and lights in the room through this iPad, but you can also order IRD at the tap of a finger, without having to worry about enunciating your order or getting it wrong. Once you place your order, the IRD team will call you just to reconfirm. Love it.

After three days and two nights of pure and utter bliss and indulgence, we checked out, only to remember this as our best hotel stay, ever.

Thank you ever so much, Address Boulevard, for hosting us.